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Three-Point Guarantee


1.   READINESS - We guarantee our students readiness for the entrance exams and interviews.  However, if after completing the course you do not feel confident with the material, students can repeat the course free of charge. 


2.  SATISFACTION - We guarantee our students satisfaction with our program.  If students are unsatisfied with the university they are accepted to, then students have the option to repeat the course and retake the entrance exams, free of charge.


3.  SUCCESS - Our success rate is100% !  All our students are accepted to medical programs abroad.  However, if a student is not accepted to at least one of the three universities to which they applied, they will be entitled to repeat the course free of charge and retake the entrance exam. 

M.D. International Studies is the leading program for preparing students for medical entrance exams to medical schools in Europe. Our pre-med prep course is ranked #1 in European medical school exam results and all our students have been accepted to at least one leading European medical school and have begun medical studies abroad. Our pre-med course is taught by doctors and covers all subjects of chemistry, biology, physics and anatomy and thus also prepares students for the MCATs and required subjects for medical school. The MDIS prep course has branches in New York, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. If you want to become a doctor, you've come to the right place.
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