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Study Medicine Abroad - Medical Schools in Europe

Study Medicine in Europe

Wish to study medicine abroad? MD International Studies has a unique connection with some of the leading medical universities abroad.  We partner with over 10 Medical Schools in Europe which guarantees the best preparation for the medical entrance exams and your acceptance to English medical programs abroad.  


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Studying medicine abroad holds several advantages over studying medicine in the US or Canada. Medical Schools in Europe include some of the best medical schools in the world and offer top-rate medical education and training. The European medical schools we work with, for instance, have centuries of prestigious legacy and have produced some of the leading physicians and doctors in the world today.


Unfortunately, European medical schools are sometimes perceived as mediocre or "not up to par" with medical schools in the US and Canada. However this is a misconception. Medical schools in Europe meet the highest standards of modern medicine and many doctors, who studied in Europe, practice in the United States and Canada.


Many are starting to realize that studying medicine in North America is more expensive, tedious and unnecessarily competitive. In an article published by the New York Times about medical studies abroad, "The number of foreign university students in Hungary rose 21 percent from 2005 to 2011 — to 16,465 from 13,601" (August, 2013).  


So why study medicine abroad?


Medical Degree in Europe

Medical Degree in the United States

  • High School Diploma
  • Prep Course + Written & Oral Entrance         Exams (6mos-1yr)
  • European Medical School (6yrs.)
  • Total = 6½ - 7 Years
  • Total Cost of Medical School = $60-90,000


  • High School Diploma
  • Undergraduate Degree in the Sciences (4yrs.)
  • The MCATs & Applications to Medical School (1-2yrs.)
  • US Medical School (4yrs.)
  • Total = 8-10 Years
  • Total Cost of Medical School (not including undergrad) =  $140-240,000




Tuition - Medical School in the US is plainly a fortune. However, medical schools in Europe are considerably cheaper. The cost of a medical degree in the US ranges at $140-240,000 over 4 years. Medical Schools in Europe, however, are almost a third of that, with tuition fees spanning between $60-90,000 over 6 years.   


Requirements & application – Applying to Medical schools in the US and Canada can be a tedious and unforgiving process. There are many requirements for even just applying to med school in North America such as an undergraduate degree, the MCAT's, 2 years of prerequisite courses. Often this is incorrectly perceived as a product of prestige and demand, though the truth is that medical schools are a business and the difficult med school requirements aren't necessarily linked to the level of studies. Medical Schools In Europe, however, only require a high school diploma and to pass a written and oral entrance exam in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy etc. Although these are very difficult exams and many do not pas, with our help we guarantee your success.


Degree Duration – many who are interested in studying medicine abroad are concerned with the fact that a medical degree in Europe takes 6 years where as in the US it only takes 4 years. But this is again a bit misconstrued. First, American medical schools require a graduate degree which takes 4 years (making it a 8-10 year degree acquisition process) whereas in Europe one could apply to medical school right after high school. Second, some medical schools in Europe offer a 4 year program for international students who hold a bachelor's degree.


Travel – one of the greatest reasons to study abroad is expanding your horizons and seeing the world! Why not gain a world-accredited medical degree while living in the gorgeous romantic cities of Europe, such as Rome or Prague? International studies offer a unique opportunity to travel and expose yourself to new and incredible experiences.


Study Medicine Abroad with MDIS - The leading pre med course preparing for entrance exams to Medical Schools in Europe


So if you're looking for a medical career, to become a doctor, a dentist or a veterinarian, you should examine the option of studying medicine abroad. The European medical schools we work with and many more, are a real and viable option and even are plainly a better option.


We have a lot of experience with medical schools in North America and in Europe so if you have any further questions just contact us and we'd be more than happy to answer and provide any information you would like to know.


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M.D. International Studies is the leading program for preparing students for medical entrance exams to medical schools in Europe. Our pre-med prep course is ranked #1 in European medical school exam results and all our students have been accepted to at least one leading European medical school and have begun medical studies abroad. Our pre-med course is taught by doctors and covers all subjects of chemistry, biology, physics and anatomy and thus also prepares students for the MCATs and required subjects for medical school. The MDIS prep course has branches in New York, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. If you want to become a doctor, you've come to the right place.
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