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Camila Carballo Pino

 Thanks to ‘Medical Doctor’ something I however thought would be much more difficult, became enjoyable and easier in several ways. Not only by means of the course having amazing teachers with great lectures, but also a classroom filled with students just like me, with the wish of one day becoming a Medical Doctor.
I strongly believe that every upcoming Med Student, for the benefit of oneself, should go to a pre-medical course – And I strongly do recommend ‘Medical Doctor’ , from heart

Ai Ichimura, Japan

Attending ‘Medical Doctor’ premed course was one of the best choices in my life.
What made me capable for passing the entrance exams are the great teachers, structured curriculum, enough practice source, and of course friendly small class!
I would strongly recommend ‘Medical Doctor’ to those who are not confident in science but have a passion to be a doctor in future.

Mikaela Eriksson

These last four months have been some of the best four months of my life and this upcoming fall I will start my medical studies at a University that I never thought I would be able to study at and this is all thanks to Dr. Cohen and his wonderful crew!
Thank you for helping me reach my dream! 


Aida Yousefi

During this course, I have learned so much thanks to all the wonderful teachers at Medical Doctor International!

The course is structured in a very efficient and good way, and gives you the knowledge required to pass all the exams, but also knowledge that facilitates your university studies.

Everyone is extremely professional, kind, supportive and helpful from the start to the end of the course and I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to achieve their dream and study abroad. 

This course has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream and I am so grateful!

Thank you for this time Medical Doctor International!


MBO testimonial
Mohamed, Somalia

The “premed” course at MD International Studies in Stockholm was one of my best courses in my life and to be honest my best course about preparing me to get in into the medical program with the knowledge which the medical schools require and of course pass the entrance exam without any problems.

I therefore strongly recommend this course to all whose plan is to study medicine in English regardless of country, even if you already fulfil the requirements because I will meet there students like you, best ever teachers with different teaching skills and best methods, visual as well as auditory methods. Your teachers at MD International Studies are always ready to guide to get the best score for just your school you want to study at and they will give fresh and updated information about the medical schools abroad to take the best decision before you done the entrance exams.

 I would like to thank to all my honourable teachers Dr. Samantha, Dr. Uri, Dr. Moshe as well as Dr Caspar. You see! All are doctors so you are already there and those people (teachers) have big space in my heart because of their encouragements to reach me high in my education and it is hard to find words to thank them but THANK YOU TEACHERS!

I also hope all my classmates a good future and to realise their decision of medical career. I also hope the upcoming students to have a fun, inspiring, encouraging and amazing teachers with significant and wee goal-oriented course like us!

Lia Maor
Dear Dr. Cohen,
I want to share with you the good news – I was accepted to Semmelweis University!
As you maybe remember, we met in March 2018 in a consultation meeting towards studying Medicine in Hungary. At this meeting, you explained to me that if I will study seriously according to your pre-medical school program I will be prepared for the academic year 2018/2019 beginning on September 2018.
As you instructed I participated in your pre-medical program. The program was intensive and it included studying high level materials and practices with very good teachers. I was able to learn complex topics I never learned before. Thanks to your excellent study program I was accepted to the University I wanted most – Semmelweis University, and I believe that I am well prepared for the first challenging year of studying medicine.
Thank you and best regards,
Lia Maor
Camilla Hazelius

I would like to express my great gratitude to Medical Doctor International Studies; Dr.
Moshe Cohen and Dr. Uri Cohen with team.
I joined Medical Doctor’s pre-medical course during spring 2018 in Stockholm since I was
aiming to get into a well-known medical school abroad followed by an international degree
and career.
I truly enjoyed every moment of the course and it provided me with extensive knowledge
within Biology, Physiology/Anatomy, Chemistry and Physics. The teachers were really
dedicated and professional. I especially want to highlight teacher Samantha FernándezBrime
that has been an amazing teacher, incredibly engaged and helpful.
During the course you get a full cover of knowledge that will help you enter the school you
are aiming for. Just study well and on a daily basis!
The course also prepares you for medical school in an extensive manner.
I applied for three different medical schools and got in to all of them, many thanks to
Medical Doctor and the great support I was given from day one and trough my exams. I also
got a valuable network of contacts from this course.
I am now following my dream and becoming a medical doctor.
I can strongly recommend this pre-medical course if you are looking into studying medicine
abroad. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you very much MD International Studies!

Best Regards,
Camilla Hazelius

Anna Pleet, USA

I want to notify your team that I have been accepted to the MD program at Vita Salute-San Raffaele in Milan, Italy. I used your online course and crammed all my studying into one month (not entirely recommended, but I already have a Bachelor’s degree and some medical school completed from the United States so I had learned all the material a few times before). The course very well helped me navigate through the material in preparing for their entrance exam. So thank you, very much, for providing this course to students looking to gain acceptance to MD programs around the world.

Anna Pleet

James recommends on studying medicine abroad
James Mastin, Canada

I also wanted to thank you guys, the course was excellent and I truly believe I wouldn’t have passed that exam without your help. If any of my friends mention wanting to attend med school in Europe I will definitely recommend your course. My mail: james.mark.mastin@hotmail.com

Adam Mcneil, Canada

It was a good exam I was familiar with a couple questions in particular from the practice material the program had provided us with. Charles was definitely first on my list. Thanks so much for all you guys have done for me , I can’t explain how much I appreciate it!
Choosing to go through the MD International studies program was one of the best choices I have ever made! Upon completion of the program they organized the entrance exams and set me up with the corresponding universities and all I had to do was study the material they had provided me with and show up for the test. A couple of the questions from the practice exam were identical to the questions on the test! I would definitely recommend taking this program to anyone who wants to study medicine in Europe. The whole staff made everything very easy and accommodating when I had questions or concerns. Definitely a great program! Best of luck,Adam