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Upcoming courses

Dates for pre-med courses in Stockholm:

October Course - 07.10.2019 - 30.01.2020

February course 03.02.2020-22.05.2020

Dates for pre-med courses in Barcelona

March Course - 02.03.2020-19.06.2020

Dates for pre-med courses in Tel Aviv    

January Course - 14.01.2020 - 24.04.2020

April Course - 05.04.2020 - 03.07.2020 

September Course - 06.09.2020 - 10.01.2021                 

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Open Days

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Medical students

Leading universities around the world

Medical Doctor International Academy is an innovated pre-medical program that prepares students to take the entrance exams for the European Medical Schools . We are the official representatives of several International European Medical Schools and serve as a bridge between those schools and our students. International European Schools are all taught in English and offer students from all over the world a more affordable and accessible medical degree than the (contending) US Medical Schools. Whether you are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinarian studies, our course will help you achieve your goal. At MD International Studies, we understand that acceptance to medical school has become increasingly more difficult and seemingly impossible to achieve. These odds have deterred some of the brightest and most passionate students from pursuing a medical career.

With MEDICAL DOCTOR the whole world is waiting for you - study medicine abroad

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Charles University
    Charles University
    Medical Studies in Prague not only allows the opportunity to study in one of the most historical and beautiful metropolises in Europe, but also to earn a medical degree from one of the leading medical schools in the world.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Palacky University
    Palacky University
    Palacky University in Olomouc was founded in 1573 as a public academic institution. In 2017, 20,395 students attend the university and there are 8 faculties, including the excellent medical faculty which is one of the leading medical schools in the Czech
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Masaryk University
    Masaryk University
    Masaryk University in Brno is the second largest university in the Czech Republic. The school was founded in 1919 as a counterpart to Charles University in Prague.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Charles University - Hradec Králové
    Charles University - Hradec Králové
    Charles University in Hradec Kralove was named after its hometown. The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove was founded in 1945, as a branch of Charles University which is the leading medical school in the Czech Republic.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Pilsen University
    Pilsen University
    Pilsen University is located in the city of Pilsen. The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen was founded in 1945, as a branch of Charles University and in 1953 became an independent faculty and one of the leading medical schools in the Czech Republic.
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Study Medicine in Czech Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

There are many prestigious medical schools if you choose to study medicine in the Czech Republic. With various universities offering programs in English, the country welcomes many international students. All medical degrees obtained from the Czech universities are internationally recognized.

The leading university in the Czech Republic is Charles University - First Faculty of Medicine in Prague, which offers English programs in general medicine & dentistry.

Masaryk University in Brno is located in the second largest city in the country and also offers English speaking programs in the fields of general medicine & dentistry.

Additional universities that offer to study medicine in the Czech Republic in English are Palacky University, Pilsen University, & Hradec Kralove.

Why study medicine in the Czech Republic?

Rising tuition costs and increasingly competitive admission requirements in countries such as the U.S. can present obstacles for students that dream of becoming a doctor, motivating prospective medical school students to take a closer look at the high quality, English language programs available in the Czech Republic. Prague, home to one of the oldest universities in Europe (it ranks in the top 2 percent of universities worldwide), offers English language medical programs in a cultural and historic setting.

Medical programs in English

Czech medical schools offer a great opportunity for students from all over the world dreaming of studying medicine abroad and becoming doctors. The medical facilities in the Czech Republic are known to be the best medical programs in the English language in Europe.

Most of the faculties where you study medicine in the Czech Republic offer a 6 year general medicine program, 5 year dentistry program and a 5 year pharmacy program. The programs are all held in English as well as in Czech. In addition, there is a bachelor degree program for nursing and a master degree program in optometry which is also taught in English.

Medical students from various countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Malaysia and Nigeria come to study medicine in the Chech Republic and fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in The University of Zagreb
    The University of Zagreb
    Established in 1669, the University of Zagreb is the largest and oldest academic institution in Croatia and South-Eastern Europe. It now consists 30 faculties and 3 art academies and over 70.000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Croatia Study Medicine in Croatia

Croatia is located in southern Europe in a place called the Balkans. In 2011, Croatia was accepted into the European Union and became the 28th member in July 2013.

The Croatian educational system is ranked high in comparison to other countries in the world. There are currently 8 universities throughout the country with the most prestigious one being The University of Zagreb.  Located in the capital of Zagreb, the university was established in 1669 with its facilities spread throughout the city.  It is the largest university in Croatia and the oldest one operating in south-eastern Europe.

The university has been offering an English program for general medicine studies for international students since 2003. The teaching method includes small classrooms, which enable personal attention and meticulousness. For these reasons, to study medicine in Croatia is rapidly becoming a popular option for international students.

Why study medicine in Croatia?

Croatia has been attracting students from all over the world due to the very high quality of medical schools and the relatively low costs. More than 700 students have studied and earned their medical degrees here. While you are studying and reaching your dream of becoming a doctor, you will have the benefit of staying in a very dynamic yet beautiful and  relaxed city. It is a great choice for every student`s medical career to study medicine in Croatia.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Vilnius University
    Vilnius University
    Vilnius University was founded in 1579 and is one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
    Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
    Lithuanian University of Health Sciences was founded in 1922 in the city of Kaunas, as part of the local university.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Lithuania Study Medicine in Lithuania

Lithuania is located in the north-eastern part of Europe and is one of the Baltic states.  In 1990, Lithuania became the first soviet republic to declare its independence, in a step that ultimately led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Lithuania actively seeked closer relations with Western Europe, and became the first Baltic state that applied for membership in NATO. Lithuania became a full member in the European Union in 2004.

The level of literacy in Lithuania is extremely high, and the country holds one of the highest percentages of university graduates in the world. In addition, 90% of Lithuanians speak a second language, and 50% of the population speaks two foreign languages, mostly English and Russian.

Today, 15 public universities and 6 private colleges operate in Lithuania. The Medical University in Kaunas is the second largest university in the country and offers three programs in English for international students: general medicine, dentistry & pharmacology. To study medicine in Lithuania is growing in popularity among international medical students.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Pécs University
    Pécs University
    Founded in 1367 by King Louie the Great, Pécs University is the oldest university in Hungary. Today, the university is one of the largest institutions in the country, with a vast variety of research and teaching activities, recognized in and outside of Hu
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Szeged University
    Szeged University
    Szeged University’s legacy began in the 16th century, when the Prince of Transylvania founded the academic institution. The medical faculty was established in 1775.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Debrecen University
    Debrecen University
    The history of higher education in Debrecen began in the 16th century, with the foundation of Debrecen college in 1538.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Semmelweis University
    Semmelweis University
    Study medicine in Semmelweis – Semmelweis University is located in Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Founded in 1769, the Faculty of Medicine is the oldest of the medical schools in Hungary and the largest faculty in the University. The faculty became an indep
    Read more

Study Medicine in Hungary Study Medicine in Hungary

Medical studies in Hungary withstand the European standards and are considered to be of highest quality. The relatively comfortable admission requirements and the reasonable tuition fees make Hungary a desired option for many students.

Hungary  welcomes international students with four universities that offer English medical, pharmocology, & dentistry programs: Semmelweis University, Debrecen University, Szeged University & Pécs University.

A medical degree from a Hungarian university is recognized by the European Union and the United States which brings many international students to study medicine in Hungary.

English medical degree courses in Hungary

Gaining admission to medical school in many countries has never been more competitive. With dramatically more students applying for the limited spaces available at medical schools in other countries, the dream of becoming a doctor can be very challenging, if not impossible, for many bright, otherwise qualified students. If becoming a doctor has always been your dream, but seems out of reach in your home country, consider six-year English language medicine programs in Hungary. General medicine programs are six-years long and usually cost a fraction of what it costs to study medicine elsewhere.

Why study medicine in Hungary?

Hungary warmly welcomes international students. Hungary complies with European standards and medical studies in Hungary are considered to be of the highest quality. If you decide to study medicine in Hungary, you will get a diploma that is valid throughout the rest of the EU. The relatively low entry requirements and the affordable tuition fees make Hungary a first choice for many students.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Hungary?

Cost of living expenses in Hungary are lower than other European countries. A reasonable monthly budget is about 750 Euros (approximately $950 USD) per month. However, if you are planning to study in Budapest, keep in mind that it is more expensive than other parts of the country.

Undergraduate admission requirements for medical school

Students are required to pass an entry examination that includes a two and a half hour written exam with multiple-choice questions in biology, chemistry, English and medical English. For the oral portion of the test, a university professor interviews students about medical topics.

Application dates

Prospective students should plan to submit applications by June 30 and, remember, applying earlier is always a good idea.

Tuition fees

Tuition for a general, six-year medical program in English is approximately $18,000 U.S. However, this can vary by university.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Humanitas University
    Humanitas University
    Humanitas University is the largest independent international Medical School in Italy, built within Humanitas Research Hospital, a center that is renowned across Europe for its excellent standard of healthcare and advanced research.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Tor Vargata University
    Tor Vargata University
    Its six Schools, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Sciences, have grown quickly in their international dimension, hosting hundreds of foreign students, visiting scholars and University officials.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in La Sapienza University
    La Sapienza University
    The university is ranked among the top 30 universities in Europe & as of 2012 the 70th among the top 100 universities worldwide and is one of the best medical schools in Italy.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Pavia University
    Pavia University
    Pavia University was founded in 1361 and is one of the oldest medical schools in Italy and Europe. Today the university offers a wide range of study programs in different fields. There are over 23,000 students studying at 9 different faculties
    Read more

Study Medicine in Italy Study Medicine in Italy

Italy has always been a center of culture and education in Europe. This is evident when considering the numerous and prestigious academi institutions spread throughout the country. Today there are four universities in Italy that offer English programs for international students: Sapienza University of Rome, Pavia University, University of Padova  & Tor Vergata University in Rome are all top class universities with high ranking in the world.

When you study medicine in Italy it is not only an opportunity to learn at a leading academic institution, but also a chance to enjoy and experience the vibrant Italian lifestyle, in a country that is rich in culture and history and is considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe.

How Much Does it Cost to study medicine in Italy

There are many medical schools in Italy that teach in English. Their prices are all affordable and can be lowered based on financial need and merit.

If you’re interested in studying medicine somewhere outside of the United States, Italy is a great place to go to. Some of the top medical schools in Europe and the entire world are there. There are also many programs that cater especially to English speakers. But the main question you’re probably wondering is how much does it cost?  If this question is plaguing you, here are some of the most popular Italian medical schools that teach in English.

Choosing an English Program when you study medicine in Italy

There are lots of good reasons for choosing to continue your medical training in Italy. The schools have world class reputations at affordable prices. The prices extremely low compared to schools in the United States and many other parts of the world. As long as you meet the requirements there is really no reason not to try applying to some English programs in Italy. You’re guaranteed to get to work with brilliant professors while you get a great, low priced education.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in University of Nicosia
    University of Nicosia
    University of Nicosia is the largest university in Cyprus. The University registered about 8,000 students, with 4,000 studying in Nicosia.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in European University Cyprus’s School of Medicine
    European University Cyprus’s School of Medicine
    The faculty of medicine studies at the European University Cyprus is a leading medical education center in the island of Cyprus.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Cyprus Study Medicine in Cyprus

Cyprus is a republic located on an island in the Mediterranean on the crossroads of three continents, where the East meets West and North meets South. As the third most populated island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, dynamic business center and educational center. Despite the island’s geographical affiliation to Asia, Cyprus is considered part of Europe historically and culturally.

Map of Cyprus Medical Studies

The population of Cyprus has about -1,189,197 inhabitants, of which approximately 60% were of Greek origin, 24% of Turkish origin, and the remainder consists of other ethnic groups. After fighting for independence from the British Mandate was put on them, Cyprus became an independent state in August 1960 after 11 years of struggle between the Greek population of the Turkish population, Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974 following the attempted union between Greece. After an exchange of populations of hundreds of thousands of people, was declared Turkish Cypriot state in 1983.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean and a developed economy. Republic of Cyprus joined the EU on 1 May 2004 and entered the eurozone on January 1, 2008.

Cyprus is characterized by sunny weather, fresh air, white sand, the most high-class hotels there, walking paths, mountains, cities with thriving culture and quiet villages. Cyprus is a European culture and a rich history with a highly educated population live. Despite the advanced infrastructure that Cyprus maintains its warm island character and tradition of hospitality of its people. Most Cypriots speak English and other major languages and are happy to share their culture with visitors using traditional cooking, art and culture. Cyprus offers a safe environment for its residents and visitors in particular and it is one of the 10 safest countries in the world.

The education system in Cyprus is very well developed, both in the private education and public education system. About 7% of the national GDP of Cyprus is invested in education (third place in the European Union together with Denmark and Sweden). Approximately 47% of those aged 25-34 are highly educated.

Cyprus to pursue higher education in the universities and government and private colleges. Cyprus currently operates three public universities, four private universities and two private colleges.

Medical Doctor offers degree programs in medicine:

* The  leading program in the European University of Cyprus.

* Medical Studies Program of the University of Nicosia under the auspices and supervision of the University of St. George’s University of London (UK title)

Admission to the medical profession in the country, as in many Western countries, are many times difficult if not impossible for many students. The solution for those who think medicine is their calling, is studying medicine abroad, Faculty of Medicine belonging to leading universities around the world, and offer study programs in English for students abroad. Admission requirements faculties these are full matriculation and above the entrance examination subjects biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology.

Medical Doctor International Academy is a unique initiative of Dr. Moshe Cohen, a doctor and a teacher. Preparatory Dr. Moshe Cohen existed since 2006 and has helped in the preparation of the 1000 entrance exams, students of medical schools and for preclinical studies over the years, all students received preparatory to top universities in the world, and excelled in their studies.

This unique formula is designed to maximize the students’ knowledge and establish a foundation of professional knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology. This infrastructure helps pass the tests and the first the years of studies. The teachers are doctors, medical students and paramedics, and the emphasis is on teaching medical orientation. The language of instruction is English, in order to enhance the knowledge and understanding of professional terms in the language of tuition in universities. The aim is to enable the student to be accepted and to excel at the selected university.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Poznan University
    Poznan University
    Poznań University of Medical Sciences was founded in 1919 as part of Poznań University. In 1951 it was reformed into the current, independent academic institution.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Gdansk University
    Gdansk University
    The Medical University of Gdańsk was established in October 1945. It is the largest medical school in northern Poland and one of the leading medical schools in Poland.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Poland Study Medicine in Poland

Today, there are 18 traditional universities that operate in Poland, along with 20 technological institutions, 9 independent medical faculties and 5 economic universities. The Medical University of Gdańsk & Poznań University of Medical Sciences offer international students the opportunity to study medicine in Poland in English.

Why study medicine in Poland?

Studying medicine in Poland will earn you a degree which is in compliance with the Polish and EU standards of teaching, the US Department of Education (Stafford Loan Program) and the Medical Board in the USA. Graduates from the English medical program in Poland are eligible to apply for residency and post graduate training programs at the universities. Graduates of the English medical program can also apply for teaching rolls at hospitals in various countries that include the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Israel, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Poland.

English medical degree courses

Did you know that almost a dozen universities in Poland offer undergraduate medical degree programs – all taught by internationally renowned doctors for a fraction of the tuition charged by medical schools in the United States or the United Kingdom?

Students in Poland can also opt to learn a new language, experience a new culture and traditions, and have access to other European countries. Programs also meet requirements formally established by the Bologna Process to ensure that Polish university programs comply with EU guidelines for higher education, as well as the U.S. Department of Education and other governing bodies of higher education.

Graduates may also be eligible to apply for postgraduate and/or residency programs at teaching hospitals in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and other locations worldwide.



  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in University of Comenius
    University of Comenius
    The University of Comenius in Bratislava, Slovakia was was founded in 1919 and in 1939 gained the title of “The University of Slovakia.” Today it is the largest and oldest university and medical school in Slovakia.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
    Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
    The University of Martin was officially established In 1969 in the city of Martin, a city in northern Slovakia.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Šafárik University
    Šafárik University
    Šafárik University was founded in 1959 in the city of Košice, located in eastern Slovakia and includes one of the best medical schools in Slovkia.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Slovakia Study Medicine in Slovakia

The republic of Slovakia is a country in central Europe.  Slovakia was created as an independent country in 1993, after the disintegration of Czechoslovakia.  The country has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

Bratislava is the capital and the largest city in Slovakia. The city contains the Parliament, universities, museums, theaters and other important academic, cultural and industrial establishments.

Most of the schools and universities in Slovakia are owned by the state.  The educational system is considered to be very good in comparison to other developed countries in the world.  Three universities in Slovakia offer study programs in English for medical studies: the  Šafárik University of Košice, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin & University of Comenius in Bratislava. There are several excellent options to study medicine in Slovakia.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca
    University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca
    The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1919 and since the early 90’s has been a part of the University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca – rapidly becoming one of the leading medical schools in Romania.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Iași
    University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Iași
    Today, over 3,000 students attend the various programs at the university, among which 600 are international students.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Romania Study Medicine in Romania

Studying medicine in Romania, one of Europe’s oldest countries, offers students excellent quality of education, a rich cultural heritage, affordable tuition and living expenses, and worldwide degree recognition. Six-year general medicine programs consist of three years of preclinical studies, followed by three years of clinical studies.

The Romanian education system has undergone constant changes and renovations. Today, more than 40 public colleges and universities operate in Romania. There are two medical schools in Romania that currently offer English programs for medical studies: The University of Medicine & Pharmacy Iași & The University of Cluj Napoca.

Studying medicine in Romania is an attractive choice for many international students due to the reasonable tuition fees and living expenses in Europe.


  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Moscow Medical Academy
    Moscow Medical Academy
    I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy was initially founded in 1758 as the medical faculty of the Imperial Moscow State University. In 1930, the faculty received independent status and became the “First Moscow Medical Institute”.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Russia Study Medicine in Russia

For English-speaking students interested in practicing medicine, medical schools in Russia offer students an alternate path to achieving their dreams. Studying medicine in Russia does not usually require an entry examination, and the admissions process is usually less stressful than universities in other countries where a large number of students apply for a limited number of available places in various schools of medicine.

Medical programs in English

English language programs give students access to modern labs, state of the art hospitals and a degree that is recognized by groups such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Medical education in Russia is considered as one of the best in the world. .

Why study medicine in Russia?

  • Easy student visa application process
  • No entrance exams needed
  • High quality of education and excellent academic standards
  • Affordable medical study tuition fees and living expenses
  • International accredited universities and recognised degrees
  • Top notch facilities
  • Medical degrees are recognized all over the world
  • Simple application and admission procedure
  • Possibility of studying in English
  • Safe medical study environment


  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Lviv State Medical University
    Lviv State Medical University
    Founded in 1661, Lviv State Medical University is the oldest of the medical schools n in Ukraine. The university is located in the city of Lvov (Lviv), located in western Ukraine. The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centers of Ukraine.
    Read more
  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Odessa State Medical University
    Odessa State Medical University
    Odessa State Medical University was established in 1900. The university is a member of the European & International Association of Universities and is the leading medical school in the Ukraine.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Ukraine Study Medicine in Ukraine

The Ukraine is located in eastern Europe.  In 1991, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine gained its independence. The country maintains positive diplomacy with Western Europe and keeps a close relationship with NATO and the European Union.

Free education is granted to all Ukrainian citizens, which results in high levels of literacy. The academic education system in the country is updated according to the international standards of developed countries. Odessa State Medical University & Lviv State Medical University are the two leading academic institutions in the country. Both offer English and Russian programs in the fields of general medicine, dentistry and pharmacology.

If you want to study medicine in the Ukraine, you’ve come to the right place – M.D. International Studies is recognized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and graduates of our pre-medical course are accepted into the universities without an entrance exam.

  • Medical doctor - Study Medicine in Faculty of Medicine in the University of Latvia
    Faculty of Medicine in the University of Latvia
    Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia was founded on September 28, 1919 and re-established on December 29, 1997.
    Read more

Study Medicine in Latvia Study Medicine in Latvia

Students Testimonials

James Martin, USA Studying medicine in Europe

James Martin, USA,

Studying medicine in Europe

pic stars
I also wanted to thank you guys, the course was excellent and I truly believe I wouldn’t have passed that exam without your help.
Liraz Anavi Medical student

Liraz Anavi,

Medical student

pic stars
I have recently finished the program at the Medical Doctor and would like to share my experience over the last three months. I’ll start out by saying, that picking this program was the best choice I have made!
Aida Yousefi Medical student

Aida Yousefi,

Medical student

pic stars
During this course, I have learned so much thanks to all the wonderful teachers at Medical Doctor International!
 Lia Maor Semmelweis University

Lia Maor,

Semmelweis University

pic stars
Dear Dr. Cohen, I want to share with you the good news – I was accepted to Semmelweis University!
Linn Medical student


Medical student

pic stars
This course taught me a lot, both how to organize my studies but also to respect and appreciate all the people around me. I would recommend this course to all students who want to achieve their goals with amazing teachers by their side.
Victor Studing at Charles University in Prague


Studing at Charles University in Prague

pic stars
It seemed to be impossible to reach my dream until I first got in contact with M.D International and met Dr. Cohen and Dr. Yeheskieli. I was honestly starting at the bottom and finished with an acceptance letter from Charles University First Faculty in Pr
Shervin Medical student


Medical student

pic stars
I can say that without all the good lectures and the great way of teaching I would not have made it to where I am today. It is also worth mentioning that I always felt secure by the teachers, meaning that they supported me when something was unclear.
July Medical student


Medical student

pic stars
The four month long pre-medical course made me gain much more knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics than I did during the three year at the natural science program in high school.
Kathrin Medical student


Medical student

pic stars
The Online course of Medical Doctor prepared me in a rather short period of time – very intensely and purposefully for my entrance examinations- thanks to the premed course of Medical Doctor I got accepted into my 1st choice-University!
Adam McNeil, USA A medical student at Charles University

Adam McNeil, USA,

A medical student at Charles University

pic stars
It was a good exam I was familiar with a couple questions in particular from the practice material the program had provided us with. Charles was definitely first on my list. Thanks so much for all you guys have done for me , I can’t explain how much I app
Kristoffer Wangen, Norway Medical student

Kristoffer Wangen, Norway,

Medical student

pic stars
My name is Kristoffer Wangen, I am from Norway and I did the pre-medical course in Sweden. It was for me an amazing insight on how it will be to study in a foreign country as well as getting to know people from around the world with the same visions and g
Ai Ichimura, Japan Medical student

Ai Ichimura, Japan,

Medical student

pic stars
Attending ‘Medical Doctor’ premed course was one of the best choices in my life.
Mikaela Eriksson Medical student

Mikaela Eriksson,

Medical student

pic stars
These last four months have been some of the best four months of my life and this upcoming fall I will start my medical studies at a University
Mohamed, Somalia Medical student

Mohamed, Somalia,

Medical student

pic stars
The “premed” course at MD International Studies in Stockholm was one of my best courses in my life and to be honest my best course about preparing me to get in into the medical program
Camilla Hazelius Medical student

Camilla Hazelius,

Medical student

pic stars
I would like to express my great gratitude to Medical Doctor International Academy; Dr. Moshe Cohen and Dr. Uri Cohen with team.
Anna Pleet, USA Medical student

Anna Pleet, USA,

Medical student

pic stars
I want to notify your team that I have been accepted to the MD program at Vita Salute-San Raffaele in Milan, Italy.
Ólafur Tryggvi Þorsteinsson‏ Medical student

Ólafur Tryggvi Þorsteinsson‏,

Medical student

pic stars
I went to Medical Doctor Internation Academy because of my mediocre performance in high-school and because I had no experience with chemistry or physics. The course provided me with all the knowledge I needed to pass the entrance exams. It was up to me to
Kasper Rønning Komnæs Medical student

Kasper Rønning Komnæs,

Medical student

pic stars
First off thank you all Elisa, Samantha, Chen, Diego and Moshe 22nd of March I took the exam to “Jessenius Faculty of Medicine” in Martin, Slovakia and got the highest score of the participants. 1st of June I did the exam for “Jagiellonian University”
Akshithaa Vellore satheesh Medical student

Akshithaa Vellore satheesh,

Medical student

pic stars
I would like to thank Medical Doctor International Academy team for their support and assistance during the 3 months course.
Andra Carvalho Medical student

Andra Carvalho,

Medical student

pic stars
The last 6 months of my life have been a whirlwind. From feeling entirely lost and hopeless, to wanting to give up on my dream.
Greg Rozenberg Medical student

Greg Rozenberg,

Medical student

pic stars
When I decided to study medicine, I knew it would be difficult to get into medical school.
Pre medical Schools Online Course: An Overview

Pre medical Schools Online Course: An Overview,

pic stars
Having a medical career, whether it is in general medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine, is a goal for many people.

Medical Doctor preparatory program for medical studies abroad is very popular among students from Western Europe and the United states. The institute can give you a great starting point in various' fields: medical studies in Europe, overseas dentistry studies and overseas veterinary studies. List of countries and academic institutions that offer medical studies: Medical studies in the Czech Republic: Charles University in Prague (First faculty of Medicine), Masaryk University, Palacký University, Pilsen University. Medical studies in Italy: University of Rome Tor Vergata, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Pavia, University of Pavia, University of Padua. Medical studies in Poland: University of Gdansk, Poznań University. Medical studies in Hungary:  Semmelweis University, Debrecen University, Szeged University, Pécs University.  For further info about cost, admission requirement, etc. it is highly recommended to visit our website. Medical Studies in Croatia: University of Zagreb. Medical Studies in Lithuania: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, University of Vilnius. Medical Studies in Romania: University of Yashi, University of Cluj-Napoca. Medical Studies in Russia: the University of Sechenov  , Medical Academy of Saint Petersburg. Medical Studies in Slovakia: the University of Šafárik, University of Jessenius, Comenius University. Medical Studies in Ukraine: University of Odessa, Lviv University. Medical Studies in Cyprus: European University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia. Medical Studies in Latvia: University of Latvia 

In Western Europe the admission requirements for dentistry studies are particularly demanding in comparison to Eastern European universities. Eastern European universities offer more comfortable admission. Students who graduate at one of the European institutions can return to their homeland and practice their field of expertise in various clinics, just like the other students who studied in West European universities. It is important to note that the universities help students to acclimate to the place and everything which related to finding a place to live, and blend in smoothly and assimilate in social life. In Western Europe, the admission requirements for Veterinary studies are particularly demanding, and therefore the possibility of studying at universities in East Europe, US or Canada seems very attractive for many students. The combination of a couple of factors; comfortable admission and academic excellence will be your keystones for success.

In many West European Universities, the admission cost for the medical preparatory program is very expansive compared to our faculties in Eastern Europe. In addition, the academic excellence and the training are made by the founder of Medical Doctor Dr. Moshe Cohen, along with other lecturers with vast experience and seniors in the field of medicine. We teach frontal courses and online courses such as Biology SAT Online Medicine Preparatory Course, Course, SAT Chemistry, SAT course, E/M course and more.