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Upcoming courses
Upcoming courses

Dates for pre-med courses in Stockholm:

February course - 03.02.2020-22.05.2020

March course - 30.03.2020-04.07.2020


Dates for pre-med courses in Tel Aviv    

January Course - 14.01.2020 - 24.04.2020

April Course - 05.04.2020 - 03.07.2020 

September Course - 06.09.2020 - 10.01.2021                 

Open days
Open Days

Annual Conference:

Stockholm, Sweden - January 27



  • תמונה של - Humanitas University
    Humanitas University
    Humanitas University is the largest independent international Medical School in Italy, built within Humanitas Research Hospital, a center that is renowned across Europe for its excellent standard of healthcare and advanced research.
    Read more
  • תמונה של - Tor Vargata University
    Tor Vargata University
    Its six Schools, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Sciences, have grown quickly in their international dimension, hosting hundreds of foreign students, visiting scholars and University officials.
    Read more
  • תמונה של - La Sapienza University
    La Sapienza University
    The university is ranked among the top 30 universities in Europe & as of 2012 the 70th among the top 100 universities worldwide and is one of the best medical schools in Italy.
    Read more
  • תמונה של - Pavia University
    Pavia University
    Pavia University was founded in 1361 and is one of the oldest medical schools in Italy and Europe. Today the university offers a wide range of study programs in different fields. There are over 23,000 students studying at 9 different faculties
    Read more

תמוהנ של - Italy Study Medicine in Italy

Italy has always been a center of culture and education in Europe. This is evident when considering the numerous and prestigious academi institutions spread throughout the country. Today there are four universities in Italy that offer English programs for international students: Sapienza University of Rome, Pavia University, University of Padova  & Tor Vergata University in Rome are all top class universities with high ranking in the world.

When you study medicine in Italy it is not only an opportunity to learn at a leading academic institution, but also a chance to enjoy and experience the vibrant Italian lifestyle, in a country that is rich in culture and history and is considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe.

How Much Does it Cost to study medicine in Italy

There are many medical schools in Italy that teach in English. Their prices are all affordable and can be lowered based on financial need and merit.

If you’re interested in studying medicine somewhere outside of the United States, Italy is a great place to go to. Some of the top medical schools in Europe and the entire world are there. There are also many programs that cater especially to English speakers. But the main question you’re probably wondering is how much does it cost?  If this question is plaguing you, here are some of the most popular Italian medical schools that teach in English.

Choosing an English Program when you study medicine in Italy

There are lots of good reasons for choosing to continue your medical training in Italy. The schools have world class reputations at affordable prices. The prices extremely low compared to schools in the United States and many other parts of the world. As long as you meet the requirements there is really no reason not to try applying to some English programs in Italy. You’re guaranteed to get to work with brilliant professors while you get a great, low priced education.