Pre-Medicine Preparation Course

Medical Doctor International Academy’s pre-med course Online and from Prague together with King Charles College at Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine.

⁦✅ Join us for live online or in a class, depending on what you prefer. Physical classes are being conducted with the cooperation and partnership with King Charles Medical College in Prague, together with Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine.
⁦✅ If you are interested in starting your medical studies in the upcoming academic year, there is no reason to postpone. Contact us and we will help you to achieve your dream, even during this challenging period.
⁦✅ Entrance exams are being conducted online or in person depending on the university. Either way, we will be guiding you the entire time.
✅ Stop dreaming and start your journey to become a physician. We are here for you, with online support that will ensure smooth communication.
⁦✅ You may also schedule an online LIVE consultation meeting with our sales team and with our management.
⁦✅ Each week we will hold a live webinar meeting with medical university deans.

Medical Doctor International Academy is an innovative pre-medical program that prepares students to take the entrance exams for the European Medical Schools. We are the official representatives of several International European Medical Schools and serve as a bridge between those schools and our students. International European Schools are all taught in English and offer students from all over the world a more affordable and accessible medical degree than the (contending) US Medical Schools. Whether you are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinarian studies, our course will help you achieve your goal.

At MD International Studies, we understand that acceptance to medical school has become increasingly more difficult and seemingly impossible to achieve. These odds have deterred some of the brightest and most passionate students from pursuing a medical career.

We have a solution! Since our founding in 2006, MD International Studies has helped over 2,000 students gain acceptance to medical faculties abroad. Through our unique partnerships with several institutions, our course not only prepares our students to excel on their entrance exams, but guarantees maximum readiness for them and their medical education.

In just 16 weeks our students learn the topics they need to know in biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics. Our courses and lectures are all taught by doctors and medical students who have gone through and are familiar with the application and acceptance process. Our courses are dynamic and medically orientated and offer our students a clear understanding of the material.

We look forward to making your dream of becoming a medical professional a reality.

Watch how to start your medical career – We are with you all the way! 

MDIS Three-Point Guarantee:

1.  READINESS – We guarantee our students will be ready for the entrance exams and interviews. However, if one of our students does not feel confident with the material, they can repeat our course free of charge.

2.  SATISFACTION – We guarantee full satisfaction with our program. If any student is unsatisfied with the universities they are accepted to, they can repeat our course free of charge and retake the entrance exams.

3.  MAXIMUM CHANCES – If a student is not accepted to at least one of the universities, they can repeat our course free of charge and retake the entrance exam.


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