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Hi, I`m Lee Azolai. Im 25 years old. I finished my pre-med course at MDIS. I got accepted for 3 different universities in Europe. I chose to go to Charles University The First Faculty in Prauge.



How do you feel about doing the pre-med course in a language that is not your mother tongue? Is it more challenging? Do you find it useful for future studies?

In the course I felt that my English improved from day to day. I remembered myself in the first month quite stressed about a lecture that I was supposed to hold, in front of 25 people. The subject was about the urinary system with many new words for me from the medical world. But in the end of the course, when the big exam was, I felt so confident about my English and my knowledge! It feels natural for me to do this, even in front of the two big professors from the university that tested me.

It`s always more challenging to learn in a foreign language, but after some time one starts to get used to that language, and this happened to me and all my class mates. After a few weeks of studying in English we started to interact with people whose mother tongue is not English and still we spoke only English between us.

I think that for the future studies it is important to do all your courses in English. The first year will be hard and challenging. Thanks to MDIS pre-medical course, I now feel more comfortable towards my first English studies.

How did you hear about MDIS pre medical course?

I heard about the MDIS pre-medical course from two friends of mine, who did this course last year. They are now studying medicine in Prague, and they are really satisfied. After a long conversation with them I understood that MDIS is the best place for me to prepare myself to the med school.


At what time in your life did you decide that medicine is your calling?

For 5 years I have been thinking about what I should study, and which direction will be the best for me. After 3 intensive years in the military service, and 2 years of living abroad, I found out that in the field of medicine I can express myself in the best way. My big passion is to work with people, the human body and mind. In the medical world everything is combined. 


What do you think of the social atmosphere and the environment in the course?  Have you connected with other students, is there a good spirit at the lectures (or outside)?

The social atmosphere in the course is divided in 2 parts. The first one, is the healthy competition in the class. Everyone is so passionate to study and want to do the best. This gives you a lot of motivation to study and to improve more every day. 

I have many friends now from my class. We did a lot of group study, we use to hang out together after long days of studying and now, in prauge, I will rent an apartment with two of my class mates.


What is your impression of the teachers and lecturers? Is there a good connection?

The teachers are very professional. They have many years of experience, and their way of teaching is different from one another , in a way that influences your way of thinking about each subject.

We had a good connection with them. They are willing to help you, whatever the time is. After classes, lunch breaks, messages in WhatsApp  and Facebook and even with a beer in the evenings!


Do you feel that you have learned all you need to know in order to start your career as a medical student abroad?

I never studied biology, anatomy, physics or chemistry before. Now , after 3 months of study in MDIS pre-medicine course, I can say that I`m 100% ready for my academic life.


In what ways was the pre-med course helpful for your future studies?

The pre-med course gave me a very good knowledge in all the subjects that I`m going to deal with in my two first years at the university. If its verbal or non verbal skills, I feel that I`m ready for this big challenge.


How would you sum up your experience at the MDIS pre med course?

I would say that the MDIS pre-med course gave me everything that I need for the medical studies  – Knowledge, confidence, improvement in a foreign language, motivation and the will to succeed.  


How did you choose the university and the country in wich you are now studying? What was important for you when you made the choice?

I'm studying in Charles University, First Faculty in Prague. After a long research I found out that this university is the most challenging, and this will lead to a motivation to be better. For me it was important to know that the university will give me everything in order to be the best that I can be. At Charles University, I'm sure that the intensity, the experience, and the people around me will give me all this.

The location of the university was also a big issue for me. This act in my life is a big step, to move alone to a foreign country, with a different language, so it`s important to me that the new city will be interesting and attractive. 


What are your future plans? Are you planning to go back to your home country to work in medicine?

My future plan is to return to my home country and to work there. But still, it’s a long process , and I`m entering this adventure with an open mind. Ask me this again in few years from now J

What tips and advice would you give to future medical students who want to study medicine abroad?

The medical study is a challenging process and an intense one. One must have a lot of motivation and passion to this world, understand that it`s not an easy process and much more challenging to do this in another country and another language. I would recommend to come with an open mind for a new culture, to prepare yourself before,  with the language of the studies and to speak with people who went through this before you.


Do you have any comments or thoughts that you want to add?

Any other question that you have , about the pre-med course, the medical studies or even about the life abroad, feel free to contact me.

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