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Tal Azouri:  

 Tamir Kaplansky:

Danny & Si

The method of teaching is very effective in our opinion. The combination of lectures, practices and presentations, all in English (with Hebrew translations) gave us the exact tools we needed in order to succeed in the entrance exam and now, in the first semester at the university.

The structure of the course and the time planning are accurate and excellent. We had time for the initial stage of learning and for practices before the exam. We think that the subjects were spread well across the different lessons.

Another advantage was the close, personal attention, the flexibility and the genuine care for our success.

The educational level was very high, we felt well prepared for the test and the results were matching.

Now, in the first year of medical school, we can say we had a soft landing in regards to dealing with the subjects taught in the semester- we learned most of them during the premedical course.

In regards to the financial aspects, by taking the MD International Studies pre-medical course we saved the expenses of spending an extra year in Hungary and the payment for the university's pre-medical course.

Moshe thank you so much! 

Ulrika Weitoft

This spring I took a course that prepares for future studies in medicine.

During the course we studied biology, chemistry, anatomy, and also physics. These subjects were then connected to different medical topics. The lessons were intense, with a lot of information to take in. This will definitely be a very good base for future medical studies.

To raise the level of studies, we have to give oral presentations in front of our classmates about different subjects that we studied. This was useful for two major reasons. The first is that it gives extra motivation to study the given subject, and the second is that the students listening will get a review of a previous lesson.

The teachers are enthusiastic and incredibly committed to us, and will do anything for us to pass our studies. I can honestly say that I have never before had teachers of this great quality. I learned a lot during this course, and I know that I will have great use of this knowledge when I begin my medical studies this fall.

We were also helped with the applications to different universities. This was a great advantage because it is difficult to know which university to apply to. They recommend and give advice, and also arrange so that professors from certain universities come to visit us with their entrance exams. They truly do anything to make sure that we students will do well, and that reason alone gives me extra motivation to study and perform at my very best.

Finally, I emphasize that this course was fantastic, though sometimes tough. Thanks to the Pre-Medical studies I was accepted to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and to the Medical University in Zagreb, Croatia. This is definitely among the best things I have ever done in my life.

Ulrika Weitoft, 30 May 2009

Limor Harosh

My name is Limor Harosh, a fourth-year medical student. I would like to recommend Moshe Cohen, as a teacher and a person. Moshe helped me understand and establish a solid foundation of the material in all the subjects during my studies in the pre-med course and in the following years. Without a doubt, I recommend Moshe, as a serious, clever and honest person, who has amazing abilities and qualities. As a teacher, Moshe helped me understand the material well in an interesting, thorough way. As a friend, Moshe inspires and positively influences the people around him. I am sure that he will succeed in all he does.

With appreciation,

Limor Harosh

Mr. T

I came to Dr. Cohen's premed course without any background in either Biology or Chemistry. In a few weeks I covered all the basics for those subjects, plus the material for the first semester, so I had a really easy beginning in my medical studies which were quite tough in the beginning.

Filip Molberg

I, Filip Mollberg have completed the pre-medical course in Stockholm by Dr. Moshe Cohen. It was four months of sheer joy, and with the knowledge obtained I feel fully prepared for medical school, regardless of where I decide to study. Even though I previously studied natural science in the Swedish high school, this pre-medical course provided me with the following: Translation of Swedish natural science terms into English, a sum up of all the relevant material from the Swedish natural science program in a way that makes it easy to learn and memorize, new and extended material that is absolutely necessary for many of the entrance exams abroad, an insight of what is to be expected from medical school, material that will provide easier transfer to medical studies and lower the drop-out and failure rate of fresh medical students, full-hearted help with anything one might find hard to understand, etc.

The level of tuition was very well altered to fit every student's needs. From very basic material to an advanced level of information from later years of medical school, just so that everyone will stay excited, interested and learn in the best available way. The demands of the course had higher intensity than the high school level I had previously experienced, and I do not feel frightened anymore to deal with a large load of study material.   

For me, the atmosphere in the course has helped me stay focused and interested throughout the course. The perfect balance of joy, kindness, sharing interests amongst students, an amazing level of patience from the teachers and the feeling of equality between the teachers and the students provided me with the optimum conditions for learning.

Without this course it would have been hard and taken me a long time to get the appropriate amount of knowledge to succeed in the entrance exams the way I did with Charles University of Czech Republic and Zagreb University of Croatia. I now feel that I am fully equipped to face medical school anywhere I choose to go, and I believe that this course has provided me with everything I need for a smooth transfer into medical school.

Filip Mollberg   870707-4038

Alon Bar

My name is Alon and I am a second-year general medicine student at Debrecen University in Hungary. I would like to thank Dr. Moshe Cohen for his tremendous help and the knowledge that he gave me and my fellow students during the pre-medical course we took before the university entrance exams.

Moshe teaches in an outstanding way, understandable but maintaining a high quality, as required from medical school candidates, and gives the graduates learning tools, as though they finished a year long pre-med at the university. I will point out the importance of the prior knowledge acquired in the pre-med course, which makes life a lot easier for beginning students, in a foreign country, with pressure from professors and exams. When the study material is familiar, you do not lose your senses looking for English-speaking private teachers and you do not spend unnecessary cash. As Moshe promised, the material I learned in the pre-med course serves me well until today, and not only for the entrance exam. For this, I would like to thank him.

Lots of luck,

Alon Bar


Dear Moshe,

As you may know I passed the exam to Charles yesterday. The Dean proudly announced, and I was amazed and very proud to know that I was among the top ten highest scorers of over 500 persons doing the entrance exam this year. I have you and your brother to thank for this!

The other exam for Zagreb was very easy compared to this one which was extremely hard and I had my doubts when I did it that I was going to pass, which I luckily did. It is a great feeling to get accepted to the university I was aiming for to start with, especially since it is one of the top 100 in the world and I am confident I will have one of the best educations. I also want to thank you both for believing in me and my ability to pass the exams, which is important since I think that besides representing ourselves we also represent your school in every entrance exam we do and we should always strive to do our best.

I will go to Prague today with my family to look for a flat.
I hope to see you again during a second year course next summer, and I wish you and your family all the best!


Michal Raz

Dr. Cohen,

I really, truly believe that you are the right address!

My name is Michal Raz and I am a first year medical student in Bologna, Italy.

My recommendation is for all the future medical students who plan to study abroad, and specifically in Italy.

There are a lot of pre-med courses to choose from and I chose Dr. Moshe Cohen's pre-med, and I have to say that it is one of the best choices even though there are other institutions that prepare for medical school in Italy. The professional level at Dr. Cohen's pre-med give the student a wide and solid foundation of knowledge, for the entrance exam and for the first year of medical school (in Bologna, most of the students that went to other pre-meds preparing for Italy did not pass the entrance exams, in comparison to me, a graduate of Dr. Cohen's pre-med, who arrived extremely ready).

Moshe, I do not quite know how to voice the message that other pre-meds do not prepare students as well as you do, for a number of reasons:

  1. The pre-med course teaches the sciences in a medically oriented way and each subject is always related to the human body.
  2. The language of instruction is English, which is a huge advantage for students who intend to study in Italy, since the transition from English to Italian is a lot easier than the one from Hebrew to Italian.
  3. The versatile teaching method, including presentations that prepare the students well to deal with oral and written exams, homework and endless practices similar to the ones mandatory in the first year of medical school.
  4. Connection to students already studying abroad.
  5. And most important: the personal approach. All the way through, during and after the course, Dr. Moshe Cohen always gave me the sense that his door was always open. Tutoring lessons, additional practices,  everything I needed, and all patience and efficiency.

I would like to say that choosing the right pre-med is a big part of succeeding as a medical student, but so is the level of the students willing to invest in the studies, which requires diligence and persistence throughout the time of  the pre-med course.

I would love to answer any questions, my email:

With lots of respect,

Michal Raz

Damla Kinali

As the head teacher for the premedical course, Dr. Moshe Cohen has demonstrated an incredible initiative and a strong dedication with his enthusiasm, which inspired me to be more motivated during my studies. As a teacher Dr Moshe Cohen worked with me and other students to build a positive atmosphere during the studies. I believe that the premedical course has qualities that are essential for further medical studies for people that really want to become a physician. To study in the premedical course gave me many opportunities to apply to different medcial faculties. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Moshe Cohen because of the confidence that he gave me. Dr Moshe's advice and encouraging attitude has been a great help to me for my further studies.

Thank you Dr. Cohen for everything because you made my strongest desire in my life come true!

Alon Handler

I would like to deeply thank Moshe and the teaching staff.

For all future medical students- I would like to recommend the pre-med course!

The course is clearly taught and starts from the very beginning- I had no clue in Biology and Chemistry, and today I know the basics of these fields very well.

The teaching is in Hebrew and establish a knowledge in English, meaning, you study in English and even perform oral presentations in English, so you get the sense of what it is like to study in English, along with excellent explanations in Hebrew.

The staff makes sure that the lessons are taught in a pleasant, friendly way, while demonstrating an amazing ability of instruction.

Of course, these studies requires that you invest additional time at home, but even then the instructors are available for questions.

Since the pre-med is very known and appreciated, representatives from the universities come and talk to the students, which help with the decision of where to study. You can also contact graduates from previous pre-med courses and get information from them.

All in all, it is a great course and good luck to you all!


I am privileged to write a recommendation for the Pre-medical course held by Dr. Moshe Cohen. 

I took the first Premedical course held in Stockholm and witnessed Dr. Cohen's tremendous teaching skills. They made everything even more interesting and taught us to be more confident in ourselves in maturity and character as well. 
When I entered the course I had very little knowledge in chemistry but soon, I learned the valuable traits, and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the teachers and study groups. The level of teaching is very high witch I was very satisfied with because it prepares you for the Universities.
Working in groups under strict deadlines, and recognizing the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and intellectual integrity is what medical school is all about and apart from the material this is what they encourage you as a student.  

Their patience and ambition in preparing you the best way they can as a student is amazing.
I recommend the Pre-med course with absolute confidence.



Boris Rezin

Hello Everybody,

My name is Boris Rezin and I am a medical student at Odessa University in Ukraine, a very know university. I personally love studying here even though it takes some time to adapt, but I think that everyone should look into the option of studying here.

Medical studies at the university intimidated me, since I have never studied any of the related subjects. When I first heard about Dr. Cohen's pre-med, I enrolled and attended classes reluctantly, thinking I could be satisfied with the little knowledge I had. But as the lessons progressed, I became more and more interested, and thanks to Dr. Cohen I realized that medicine was my calling and that was the profession I wanted to have for the rest of my life, and for that I am very grateful.

The knowledge acquired during the course helps a lot during the first year of medical school and you can really tell the difference between graduates of Dr. Cohen's pre-med and other students. For example, 5 of my classmates are graduates of Dr. Cohen's pre-med and thanks to it they are the most knowledgeable students. I am also very glad that I met these people, which are now my close friends.

Furthermore, all the instructors of the course were great, even though I personally like Dr. Cohen's classes best. The atmosphere was very nice, the studies were fun and my classmates were nice and friendly.

I would be happy to assist and answer any questions you might have!

Israeli number: 054-5377558

Ukrainian number: +380638805661


Hi Moshe!

Looking back, I can say that your pre-med prepares, in every sense of the word!

In regards to the educational material, I can say that I gained a lot from the pre-med. There is no doubt in my mind that I have you and your course to thank for passing my first semester at medical school.

The method of instruction at the course was of the very highest quality and the teachers are amazing! I wish that our lecturers at the university were like them!

The atmosphere of the pre-med was a pleasurable experience! A quality group of people that are thirsty for knowledge and success, that motivates you…It is incredible! I would gladly take the course again! It is worth every penny! Especially when I see students in the pre-med at the university that study all kinds of subjects that have no real relation to medicine, and I know that what you taught us was essential medical knowledge. You simply showed us what it was like and what it takes to be a medical student.

In addition, I got the chance to meet amazing friends in the pre-med and we are still in touch today and probably will forever. We study together, live together and are consolidated thanks to the course!

All I have to say is THANK YOU! The pre-med was one of the best times in my life and an unforgettable experience that will remain with me throughout medical school and even longer.

I will be happy to keep in touch and recommend your great pre-med course to anyone who is hesitating!

And thanks again to you and the staff!


Phone number in Hungary: 06706618384

Kobi Div


I took Dr. Cohen's pre-med course two years ago.

At first, I was very skeptical about attending the course. When I spoke with Moshe on the phone, he sounded like a typical doctor, but when I met him face to face, I saw a young guy, that his looks and voice did not add up with the person I spoke with on the phone. I decided to "take a chance" and register for the course.

I can safely say that I have never regretted and am even thankful for making this decision. From the first lesson my worries disappeared- in front of me was a teacher with immense knowledge in the subjects of the lessons and beyond.

The knowledge that I gained in the pre med proves to be very useful for me today (I am a second-year student at Odessa State Medical University in the Ukraine).

Dr. Cohen's pre-med has saved me many hours of studying, since the material taught in the course demands deep understanding, since it is the basis for medical studies and therefore mandatory, and some of it is even taught during the second year of medical school.

I recommend Dr. Cohen's pre-med to everyone!

Phone number in Odessa: +380636999923

Phone number in Israel: 052-8960501


Yarden Chernovilsky

My name is Yarden Chernovilsky and I am a medical student at Debrecen University in Hungary. I send my warm recommendation of Dr. Moshe Cohen and his wife Adi's pre-medical course. I would like to emphasize that this is the best pre-med course that there is, it contributed a lot to my education!

In addition, you must know that people who did not take Dr. Cohen's pre-med and chose, among others, Debrecen's pre-med, have paid large sums of money and most of them did not even get accepted into Debrecen!

Dr. Cohen's pre-med's real asset is Dr. Cohen himself, who is an outstanding teacher, and his wife Adi, who is also a great tutor.

The most important thing is the tools that you will take with you to medical school and will help you deal and adapt to life as a medical student, in the educational and personal levels.

Most of the exams are taken orally, in front of a teacher and in Dr. Cohen's pre-med you are well prepared for these exams. Without the foundation of the pre-med it is almost impossible to survive through the first year of medical school and many people who arrived without it have dropped out.

I can safely say, that it has been a lot easier for students who knew how to maximize the knowledge and tools that the pre-med gave them, and these are the students who will be able to fulfill their dreams and become doctors.

A little about my experience in medical school:

It important to remember that besides dealing with medical school, you also have a lot of other to get used to: a new country, a new language, being far from family and friends… I am not trying to scare you, but it is important to know what you are getting into. For me, the beginning was a bit difficult, but in spite of that, I got used to my new life and I am happy with my decision.

I owe a big portion of my academic success to Dr. Cohen and I would like to thank him and his wife for the patience, constructive criticism and their hard work.

And for the new medical students-

Well done and lots of luck to you all- you are on the right path!


Yarden Chernovilsky


Dear Moshe,

Only now, when the first semester of medical school is close to ending, I understand how much I gained from the pre-med course.

There is no doubt in my mind that it prepared me not only for the entrance exams, but also and mostly for the first semester.

Thank you very much!

Guy, first year medical student at Pécs University


A satisfied student

To all of you who are debating with yourselves- should I register or not?

I am sure that after you read what I have to say you will make up your mind.

Before I came to the pre-med I was pretty stressed out: How will the other students be? How will I cope with subjects I have never studied before? Is medical school even for me?

While I was arguing with myself, I came across Dr. Cohen's website and thought that there must be a catch: the pre-med is relevant to all the universities, it is cheaper, I do not need prior knowledge most important, Moshe is so young! At first it all seemed like a hoax, but then you meet Moshe and realize that the man is a genius, with the mind of an entrepreneur and a genuine will to help future medical students.

After the consultation meeting I decided that I was going to register to the pre-med, but the misgivings continued- they vanished as soon as I entered the first lesson: amazing people, who all think like you! You immediately feel like you belong and that you are going to make some true friends. Then the first lesson with Moshe begins, and you realize that the educational material is manageable and that you do want to become a doctor!!

Once you realize all these things, all of the doubts and worries disappear!

The level of instruction in the pre-med ensures that each student receives exactly what he or she needs and even more. The course prepares you for the entrance exam and for the first year of medical school since you are required to give lots of oral presentations which are then graded, and while you give them, you are asked questions just like in the entrance exams. You also solve sample questions with the instructors. The level of English, especially medical English, improves drastically during the course and there is homework and practices with special guide books that ensure the level of knowledge and improve it. By the end of the course you have a solid foundation of knowledge and you can give oral presentations on any subject and pass the entrance exam.

The teachers are simply amazing, and most importantly, they know your situation, they care and can tell from their experience where the difficulties may arise, they understand the tension of doing an oral presentation and they are always there for you.

Yael, who does not teach anymore, is a wonderful Chemistry teacher, who made each lesson clear and easy, with numerous examples to each explanation, making sure that each student understood. It is too bad that she left, but you have a great alternative- Moshe! Have I mentioned already that he is a genius?!! And last, but certainty not least, is Adi, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology, a knowledgeable teacher, a clear and a tough examiner, who sets high standards of excellence and has great examples and funny stories!

Okay, I promised that by the time I finished you would have a decision… Was I right?!


Dear Dr. Cohen
"It is with great pleasure that I can say the classes I took in Stockholm this summer have helped me in getting the University I Wanted the most. First Faculity of Charles University in Prague. Thank You very much for everything"
Best regards
Bruce Pelissier


Nadav Bandel

Dear Dr. Cohen
"Hello to all my future colleagues and those who are still considering the option of med-school in Europe J my name is Nadav, I'm 27 years old and currently studying in the international program of general medicine in Zagreb university in Croatia. I believe that all those who have decided to register for pre-med course with a purpose of studying abroad deserve the highest appreciation. Thank you very much for all your help on achieving my goal"
Best regards
Nadav Bandel

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