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Best Medical Schools | M.D. International Studies

Best Medical Schools

Best Medical SchoolsOur pre-med students often ask us which are the best medical schools for medical studies and a solid medical career,  are the American medical schools better than those in Europe? What are the best medical schools in the US? What are the best medical schools in Europe?

Truth is it is hard to claim which are the best medical schools for you. There are several criteria one should examine when applying to the different med schools in North America and Europe.

In this section we outline the main consideration we feel, through our experience, are the most important when choosing a medical school which is right for you:

Level of medical studiesLevel of medical studies – in this case there are many online rankings available which rate the different schools according to research publications, academic reputation and employment success rates.

Medical School TuitionTuition –  the tuition between medical schools varies considerably, this is even more true when comparing tuition costs between North America and Europe American medical schools are very expensive – almost 3 times as much as tuition in Europe.

School size, location & requirementsSchool size, location & requirements – the best medical school is not necessarily the school which is hardest to get in to. Some medical schools are small and cannot receive many students, making the acceptance process more difficult. Other schools may have more lenient requirements but may be more ferocious and competitive during med studies. This is also true when talking about the location of the medical school – med schools in higher condensed areas tend to have higher standards of acceptance as they have many more applicants than more rural medical schools which can be just as good.

Remember, most medical schools, especially in North America, are privately owned i.e. they are businesses and like any business they are often driven by financial considerations and a need to be profitable. Therefore it is important to look at all these considerations when applying to medical schools while knowing that high tuition and difficult admission processes are not necessarily a clear indication for wht is "the best medical school". In other words, try to find what would be the best medical school for YOU according to medical studies level, tuition fees, school size, location and requirements.   

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