Best medical schools outside the US

Taking Advantage of the Best Medical Schools Outside the US

The US has a wide range of high-quality medical schools, but it’s far from the only option for those pursuing medical studies. A variety of medical schools throughout Europe deliver the same high quality while offering more affordable tuition, accessible admissions, and amazing cultural experiences. Consider these best medical schools outside of the US when choosing where to start your medical education.

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Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine, Czech Republic

Charles University, located in Prague, has developed a reputation as one of the top medical schools outside the US. It has origins dating back to the 14th century, providing both a wealth of history and the latest modern medical education. The curriculum offers an immersive experience that prepares students with hands-on learning.

Zagreb University, Croatia

Another one of the best medical schools outside US options is Zagreb University in Croatia. It combines practical clinical experience with rigorous academic training to provide the best foundation for students launching their medical careers. The local region also has a rich culture and significant history, offering a perfect backdrop for your international medical education.

Szeged University, Hungary

Szeged University in Hungary features a well-respected general medicine program that will prepare you for a future medical career almost anywhere in the world. The university is known for both its strong research and the exemplary practical training it offers for medical students.

The Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

Students can pursue their six-year general medicine degree at the Medical University of Gdansk in Poland and enjoy a world-class education with affordable tuition. Their programs are widely recognized on the international stage and provide an exceptional foundation for students to launch their medical careers.

Humanitas University, Italy

Nestled in the vibrant city of Milan, Humanitas University offers one of the top experiences among the best medical schools outside the US. Students will have the opportunity to work with the renowned Humanitas Research Hospital to develop practical skills, along with visiting the 3,000-square-meter simulation lab. The wealth of historical sites and great artworks throughout Milan will further enrich your experience.

Best medical schools outside the US

European University of Cyprus, Cyprus

The European University of Cyprus is the oldest institution of higher education in Cyprus, set in the capital city of Nicosia. A variety of unique postgraduate degree options allow students to pursue the latest advancements in biomedical science. Their education is supported by some of the finest state-of-the-art simulation facilities. The hands-on learning experiences and exciting research opportunities make this an excellent choice for international students.

Palacky University, Czech Republic

Palacky University is another one of the top medical schools outside US institutions, offering internationally accredited programs in general medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic. The programs at the university align with the highest European Union Standards, so students are well-prepared to practice medicine globally. The flexible institution is highly accessible to students from just about any background.

Vilnius University, Lithuania

The medical program at Vilnius University in Lithuania emphasizes a combination of both theory and clinical practice, with a program that integrates students into clinical experiences in their first year. Doing so helps them build practical skills as soon as possible.

Latvia University, Latvia

Latvia University, set in Riga, is an institution with world-class instructors and a wide range of programs. Students can choose from medicine, radiography, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry degree programs. The institution is also internationally recognized, which makes it perfect for international students from anywhere.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

The University of Nicosia has a flexible academic structure that makes admission easy for international students from many backgrounds. Instead of conventional pre-med degree pathways, students have opportunities to enroll under different conditions and have the chance to prove themselves.

Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland

Poznan University is a public university in Poland that provides intensive clinical immersion for students. This practical work prepares them for the reality of practicing medicine with highly valuable hands-on clinical experience. In turn, the university’s graduates show exceptional medical licensing exam success rates.

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

At the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, students find a wide range of unique learning opportunities. The institution maintains relationships with a variety of teaching hospitals, providing its students with exceptional clinical experiences.

University of Debrecen, Hungary

The University of Debrecen's Medical School, with a long-standing tradition in education, offers a range
of medical courses. Requirements for admission include a secondary education diploma and successful
completion of science examinations, both written and oral.

Preparing for European Medical School Exams

For those considering these prestigious European medical schools, passing the appropriate entrance exams is crucial. Medical Doctor International Academy offers specialized pre-med prep courses tailored to European standards, providing the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success. Enrolling in these courses is a pivotal step towards embarking on an exciting journey in European medical education.