Online Pre-Med Course

Experience the effectiveness and the convenience of our online pre med course

Prep anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. Our pre-med online course is an all-inclusive class equipped with customizable online resources. You’ll receive all of the same study material you would in our Pre-Med Course in class, but delivered anywhere you want.

‘Medical Doctor’ Pre Med Online Course Offers:

  • 4 months access with over 150 textbook presentations and video lectures in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy-Physiology
  • Over 100 tuition hours
  • Over 1000 practice questions
  • Online Pre-Med entrance exams samples
  • Online live lessons in a virtual class
  • Online support
  • Online mobile app
  • Option to purchase online private tutoring sessions that cater to your individual needs
  • A comprehensive selection of all the material needed to excel at your medical exams



  • 4-month access
  • More than 150 textbook presentations and video lectures in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Anatomy
  • More than 1000 Practice questions
  • Free mobile app


25,000 SEK

Hybrid-Live + Pre-recorded

01.02.20 - 24.05.21
  • Pre-recorded and once a week live-one-on-one sesssions online.
  • Classes are broadcasted live in hours suitable for students located in North America and Europe.
  • Professional tutors will help you practice for the admission exams.
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  • Courses from Prague
  • We also cooperate with King Charles Medical College in Prague from Charles University, The first faculty of medicine.
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