Pre-med course in Tel Aviv

Join our Pre-med course in Tel Aviv!

Medical Doctor International Academy now offers a Pre-Med course which prepares students for European Medical school Admission tests. The courses are held in Stockholm and Tel Aviv every four months.

Study Medicine Abroad in English

Unlike medical schools in Israel and USA, the medical schools we represent in Europe do not require a pre-med course load and a bachelor degree. Students must have a high-school diploma and pass the medical school entrance exam. After that, med students are evaluated according to their performance and grades achieved in the European med school.

Studying medicine in Europe is an excellent solution for students who cannot afford or get into medical schools in their own country. There are several excellent medical programs taught in English which you can review here on our Study Medicine Abroad page.

Why ‘Medical Doctor’ Pre-med Course?

  • Over 14 years of experience in preparing students for medical studies abroad.
  • Our students have many options when it comes to continued medical studies. Our course prepares students for all the medical schools in Europe.
  • The program is designed to fit the demands of medical faculties abroad and therefore includes a large amount of academic material that will help students in their first pre-clinical years of school.
  • A meticulous & high level of didactic instruction.
  • During our premed course, we have representatives from some of the leading universities abroad come to our headquarters to speak with the students.

September 2020

In-class course


16,200 ₪

October 2020

Online Streaming Course

26.10.2020 – 15.02.2020

16,200 ₪

About the course

Length of our Premedical course:

– September Course  : 19 weeks,3-4 days /week – 4h/d

– January Course : 15 weeks -4-5 days /week – 4h/d

– April Course : 12 weeks – 4-5 days/week – 4h/d

Additionally Extra- Revision Classes will be available according to Student’s needs and request.

Our premedical Course subjects:








Included Course material

– PowerPoint Presentations available for all Subjects

– Practice books for all subjects

– Past-Examination Papers/Questions


Test basics

  • The test is one hour long
  • 75 questions – Multiple choice
  • 200-800 points


















Topics on the test

  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Waves and optics
  • Heat and thermodynamics
  • Modern physics
  • Miscellaneous

About the course

  • Textbook presentations
  • Video lectures
  • Practice questions
  • Online live lessons
  • Online mobile application
  • Online support


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