Self Learning

Before you proceed, please ask yourself the following questions:

– Do you have a scientific background?

(Have you ever study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy-Physiology?)

If the answer is NO: we strongly encourage you to register to one of our premedical courses.

If the answer is YES: keep reading.

– Have you practiced with some questions about the material?

– Have you practiced with questions from the European entrance exams from previous years?

If the answer is YES, you are welcome to contact us and register to our next entrance exams to leading European universities.

If the answer is NO, you can now purchase our “Self Learning” package.

What does the Self- Learning package include?

  • 4 short MDIS quizzes – summarize your knowledge in specific subjects.
  • 3 MDIS exams – summarize your knowledge from all the material and simulate entrance exams
  • Sample Entrance exams of European Universities.
  • Exercise books in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy-Physiology.

Test Yourself

This is a free sample exam, intended as a basic evaluation tool for those interested in studying medicine. The questions presented here are similar to the questions which appear on the European medical school admission tests, as well as questions found on the MCAT.

Our sample test is completely free of charge. You will be requred to register in order to proceed with the test, yet please note that we will not disclose your personal info, or any other data provided by you to us, to any third party.

The sample test consists of 20 questions on various subjects. You have 20 minutes to complete the test, which leaves about 1 minute per question. Each correct question grants you 5 points.

Do the test


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