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Upcoming courses
Upcoming courses

Dates for pre-med courses in Stockholm:

Spring Course 4.2.19 – 24.5.19

Crash Course 15.4.19-5.7.19

Dates for pre-med courses in Berlin

Spring Course - 4.2.19 – 24.5.19

Dates for pre-med courses in Tel Aviv

January course - 14.1.19-3.5.19

April course - 14.4.19-5.7.19                     

Open days
Open Days

Stockholm, Sweden - 29.11

Berlin, Germany - 20.11

Barcelona, Spain- 21.11

Delhi, India- 1.12

study medicine abroad

If you have a strong mind, an energetic spirit, and you are sure that you want to go on this path, and study medicine abroad,It's no coincidence that this road is comprised of difficult tests
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Study medicine abroad is a serious thing

Study medicine abroad is a serious thing and you have a long way ahead until Scholl actually starts. Truthfulthe confusion is just beginning
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Foreign Medical Schools that Teach Courses in English

Luckily, there are many foreign medical schools that teach either exclusively in English or offer a course in English. Teaching exclusively in English is becoming common worldwide, and many schools are adopting the techniques used by medical schools in th
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Pre Med Programs & Medical Studies Abroad

There is a lot of information regarding pre-med courses, studying medicine abroad, what is needed to create a sustainable and flourishing medical career and even basic information on what is needed in order to become a doctor
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Medical Careers

A career in medicine is one of the most difficult and rewarding careers a person can have. Anyone who wishes to become a doctor, a dentist or veterinarian must endure years of medical studies and later years of hard and demanding work
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Pre-medical studies before studying medicine abroad

Now, there are extremely high admission requirements to study the medical profession in the US, and to get accepted to the medical schools often emerges impossible. To enable fulfillment of this important mission, the solution for many studentsis to study
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Medical studies in Eastern Western Europe

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To study in a foreign country

Each year, thousands of students are deciding to study abroad and hundreds have chosen to study medicine in a foreign country. This decision is based on a wide range of substantial benefits, however, there are also a number of challenges and quite a few
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Becoming a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are professionals working in the healthcare sector and their duties usually involve supporting physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Typically, the role of a medical is based in a clinical setting, including medical off
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Everything you wanted to know about studying in Europe

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students and those interested in the possibility of studying in Europe. These studies are conducted at the highest level in a variety of professions and titles, and countries across th
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Online Medical School: A Different Path

A shift is needed in the system of medical student education. In the past century to recent, the volume of medical knowledge has risen, the complexity of the health care system has grown a lot, pedagogical methods have evolved, and unprecedented opportuni
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