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Padova University

About the University

Padova University was officially established in 1222 and is considered to be one of the oldest universities and medical schools in Italy and Europe.

Theology and Law were the initial subjects taught at the university, and in 1399 the curriculum was expanded to  include medical studies and more. It is known for having Galileo Galilee among its lecturers. Today, the university is composed of 13 different faculties and the student body includes 60,000 students.

About the Place

The city of Padova where Padova University is located in northern Italy, is close to Venice, and is home to 215,000 people. Padova is a picturesque city, with spectacular landscapes, ancient narrow streets paved with stones and old stone bridges, with preserve the long history of the city, dating back to the Middle Ages. The city provides most of the setting for Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew”.

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International Program Offers

  • The university does not offer programs in English
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Admission Requirements

  • Complete secondary school education (a high school diploma)
  • A written entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • An exam in Italian
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Tuition Fees

  • General Medicine- € 1000 per year
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Living Expenses

  • Approximately € 1000 per month
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