You are invited to join our open day!

With or without the corona crisis, Medical Doctor International Academy’s pre-med course is opening!

⁦✅ If you are interested in starting your medical studies in the upcoming academic year, there is no reason to postpone. Contact us and we will help you to achieve your dream, even during this challenging period.
⁦✅ We are in contact with the medical faculties abroad, just to make sure that the entrance exams are held as scheduled!
✅ Don’t stop your journey to become a physician. We are here for you, with online support that will ensure smooth communication.
⁦✅ You may also schedule an online LIVE consultation meeting with our sales team and with our management.
⁦✅ We often hold a live webinar meeting with medical university deans, students and important guests of honour. Contact us to find out when is our next event.

If you are interested in studying medicine abroad, Medical Doctor’s open day is the place to get all the important and practical information that will help you to decide what to study, how to study, and where to study.

Almost every week!

Free Webinar and university panel.

Please register in advance!

What will be included in the webinar?

Information about different universities abroad that offer international programs in the English language: tuition, expenses and living conditions, prerequisites, curriculum and more.

Information on our pre-med program to prepare you for the entrance exams and medical studies abroad.

Who is the webinar for?

People who are interested in studying one of the medical professions abroad: general medicine, dentistry, veterinary, and pharmacology.

Friends and family are welcome to join us as well.

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