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For the required subjects:
Chemistry, Anatomy, Biology, Physiology and Physics

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    Start Studying for your MD Degree until you have Admission Exams!

    More than 3000 of our graduates are practicing medical doctors!
    40 leading universities around the world

    Download here your Student Agreement (PDF Format)

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    Our Pre-Med Course Prepares Students for Medical Degrees

    Medical Doctor International Academy is Partnered with Europe's Leading Faculties of Medicine

    University of Zagreb, Croatia
    Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
    Humanitas University, Italy
    Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

    What Our Graduates Say!

    I wouldn't have passed the admission exam without your help! Thank you!
    Joh Mastin
    MD Student
    The course was structured in a very efficient way and I learned so much. I'd like to thank the wonderful teachers of MDA
    Aida Yousefi
    MD Student

    About medical Doctor International Academy

    Medical Doctor International Academy is an innovated pre-medical program that prepares students to take the entrance exams for the European Medical Schools . We are the official representatives of several International European Medical Schools and serve as a bridge between those schools and our students. Since our founding in 2006, MD International Studies has helped over 3,000 students gain acceptance to medical faculties abroad. Through our unique partnerships with several institutions, our course not only prepares our students to excel on their entrance exams, but guarantees acceptance.

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