How to become a Doctor?

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How to Become a Doctor?

Tips for Making a Worthwhile Plan

Medicine is a demanding field. It taps into one of the most primal human desires, namely, to save another human being. To be responsible for another person's life is no small demand. As a result, doctors need to be trained properly in order to fulfil their duties. The answer to the question – "How to become a doctor” – varies from country to country. Whether this is due to a more lenient health system or a more developed education system for medical professionals, there are quite a few places that may be referred to as the easiest to become a doctor in.

The Six-Year Plan

A lot of lesser developed countries such as Bolivia and Sri Lanka offer a graduate program inclusive of one year of internship. These graduate programs exist as a means of training doctors in the techniques required for the undertaking of complicated medical procedures. Due to the demanding nature of medicine, the five years of education devoted to teaching the theories and procedures that are involved in the medical profession are usually packed with coursework. Medical exams vary between theory and practical examinations and both have a very high demand on the concentration of students. Although these places offer a solution to the question of how to become a doctor in the least amount of time possible, the demand on the mental and physical capabilities of the student are immense.

Entry Requirements

There are quite a large number of varied entry requirements for becoming a doctor. There are countries that allow students fresh out of high school to start training to become medical professionals as with many medical schools in Europe. Some countries such as the US and Canada require completion of an undergraduate degree before you can even attempt medical school. In addition, residency in hospitals around the country ensures that a lot of time investment needs to go into becoming a doctor. So, is becoming a doctor worth it? Most definitely! The medical education in these places may take a long time to teach you how to become a doctor, but it's not wasted time. Qualified professionals from countries with a more gradual learning curve tend to be more able to deal with the needs of their clients as well as have less stress in their personal and professional life.

Becoming a Doctor as a Career Change

A medical doctor has a lot of training ahead of them, even after attaining a degree and a license to practice. When considering how to become a doctor and asking yourself “Is becoming a doctor worth it?’ don’t forget to consider the time investment you will make for the sake of your future career. Countries that subscribe to the Six-Year Plan can theoretically produce well-trained doctors in half the time that more long-range education systems can. The demand on the student is extreme and not everyone is up to the task of attaining this qualification. Furthermore, in order to be a qualified practitioner that honours his or her license to operate, a medical professional needs to have lots of experience that can only come with time. Although becoming a doctor as a career change for someone is viable, the amount of years it would take to be qualified and licensed as a medical doctor might make you think twice about embarking on it as a career.

Although how to become a doctor isn't a particularly hard question to answer, how becoming a medical practitioner will affect your life is a much harder question to answer. Doctors qualified in certain countries are not allowed to practice all over the world. The viability of a medical degree in a particular country depends on agreements between that country and the country you intend to practice in. Because of the high demands on a medical student, you would be well advised to carefully consider a career change towards medicine. Medical degrees and licenses are faster to achieve in lesser developed countries, but the sheer demand on the student is enough to lead to a mental or physical breakdown. Overall, the idea of becoming a doctor is a feasible one, once one meets the entry requirements for a particular degree program and it is practicable in the country you want to practice in.

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