Medical Careers

medical career A career in medicine is one of the most difficult and rewarding careers a person can have. Anyone who wishes to become a doctor, a dentist or veterinarian must endure years of medical studies and later years of hard and demanding work. But for those of you who have passion for medicine and health, there is no other dream that can match up to becoming a doctor.

Medical Degree

Medical degrees are hard enough to obtain without facing the challenges of launching a career in medicine in the US and Canada. The competition for residency and medical careers is no less fierce than that of getting into medical school.

So it is not surprising that one of the main concerns of pre-med and med students is what school to choose to best guarantee a successful medical career. In this respect, many believe that the best option is to go to one of the ivy-league US medical schools such as Harvard, Yale or Princeton University. However, not even going to these schools guarantees achievement of the medical career you wish for yourself.

In order to practice medicine in the United States one must pass the ‘U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations’ (USMLE). This is the exam that determines whether or not one can develop a medical career in the US. Sadly, no medical school, no matter how prestigious, can guarantee that you will pass this exam but only to prepare you as best as possible.

Medical Studies Abroad

The Medical schools in Europe we cooperate with have a distinguished record of graduates who passed the USMLE. Simply put, the medical degree acquired in European medical schools provides med students with the medical knowledge needed to pass the USMLE. Furthermore, The level of studies in European medical schools are recognized throughout Europe and graduates can practice medical careers throughout Europe in some of the most advanced and prestigious medical institution on the globe such as in France, the Netherland, Britain and more.  According to an article published by NY Times in the summer of 2013: “Doctors, dentists and pharmacists with degrees from accredited universities in Eastern Europe may practice almost anywhere within the European Union”.

So if you intend on returning to the US to practice medicine and begin your medical career, a degree from a leading medical European program will put you on the right path and prepare you for the U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations and the start of a long and successful medical career.