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Articles on medical studies abroad 


There are many thoughts and questions around studying medicine abroad. You are leaving the comfort of your home country and you enter a world where the mentality, the language and the atmosphere is different from what you are used to.

You are in a foreign country, you are following a dream and persuing a career. It is exciting and satisfying but you want to know as much as possible before you are off to this adventure.

At MD International Studies we help you go through and answer your questions and your thoughts, we follow you through the pre-med course and we are with you even after the course for anything that you need.

Following are articles that can help you gather more knowledge about studying medicine abroad.




Online Medical School – A pre-medical student can enroll in an online medical school and take lectures, assignments and exams from any location in the world, at their own pace, as long as there is an internet connection.

Study Medicine in Europe – Everything you wanted to know – Why study in Europe, what are the tuition and living costs and what other considerations should I think about?

Becoming a Medical Assistant – What are the benefits of becoming a medical assistant and what schools can I choose from?

A course in Medical Terminology – Online – What are the basics of medical terminology and how to choose an online medical terminology course.

Becoming a pharmacist – A sought after and profitable profession – What are the different possibilities after I graduates from pharmacy studies.

To Study in a Foreign Country – There are many advantages when you study medicine in a foreign country but also some concerns to be aware of.

Medical studies in Eastern and Western Europe – There are several differences between Eastern and Western Europe when you choose where you want to study medicine. Read the article to get an idea of where it is best for you to study.

Pre-medical studies before studying medicine abroad
What do you need to know and what is required when you go to study medicine abroad.

Medical Careers – Medical Degree & Medical Studies –  Tor those of you who have passion for medicine and health, there is no other dream that can match up to becoming a doctor.

Pre Med Programs – Studying Medicine Abroad – In this section we hope to provide you with some of the info students always ask us about.

Foreign Medical Schools that Teach Courses in English – There are many different foreign medical schools for English speakers to choose from.

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