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International Medical Schools in Europe that have English Programs. Check out Medical schools in Europe and see if studying medicine about is right for you

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M.D. International Studies is an innovative pre medical program that prepares students for the European Medical Schools entrance exam. We officially represent several medical schools in Europe which are much more affordable and accessible than medical schools in the US. Whether you are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, or as a veterinarian, our course will help you realize your future in medicine.

At MD International Studies we understand that acceptance to medical schools has become increasingly difficult and almost impossible to achieve. Unfortunately, some of the brightest and most passionate students are deterred by these odds and decide not to pursue a medical career. 

Since MD International Studies has helped over 1,000 students with acceptance to medical faculties abroad and the US.  Through our unique connection with institutions, our course not only prepares students for entrance exams for international medical schools, but guarantees acceptance. In just 16-weeks you will learn biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology.  The course is taught by doctors, medical students and paramedics, in order to give students a clear, dynamic, and medically oriented understanding of the material.  We offer small classes and personal tutoring in order to assure that our students acquire all the essential medical knowledge perfectly.