Medical Universities in Europe with English Programs

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Medical Universities in Europe with English Programs

Medical Universities in Europe with English ProgramsMany medical universities in Europe offer medical degrees in English. These excellent medical universities in Europe with English programs offer the possibility for American and Canadian medical students to apply and earn a medical degree at a much cheaper price and a shorter medical studies track.

The main concern for American and Canadian students interested in studying medicine abroad is the level and prestige of the studies. European medical universities, in particular in Eastern Europe aren’t considered by prospective students from the west as “good medical schools” despite that some of these medical schools are excellent and reputable schools.

Many students feel that returning home and practicing medicine would become a challenge. However, all medical students, whether they studies in the US or in Europe, need to take the local medical exams (e.g the USMLE in the States) in order to obtain a medical practice license. This ensures that all physicians are “up to par”. Many doctors who have studied in medicine abroad, particularly in Europe, have passed these exams just as well as students from American and Canadian medical schools.

According to an article published by the NY Times English taught medical programs in Europe are gaining force, for instance “The number of foreign university students in Hungary rose 21 percent from 2005 to 2011 — to 16,465 from 13,601″ (August 2013). A large percentage of these students are student from the United States and Canada who were looking for less competitive and expensive options to study medicine.

The two main reasons more and more prospective medical students in the US and Canada are looking at English medical degree programs in Europe is the medical cost tuition and the competitiveness of admissions to medical universities in the Us and Canada.

Medical University Tuition

The tuition at European medical universities and schools is considerably cheaper. The average net tuition price at a medical university in Europe is $60-150,000 for 4 years of school. In the US it is at least twice as much with tuition fees ranging at $140-240,000 for 4 years. Add to that that in North America students are required to have a bachelor’s degree as well and study pre-med subjects, the total price is even 6 times as much with the all-in-all tuition costing $400-800,000.

Medical University Competitiveness

European medical universities and schools are far less competitive than their counterparts in North America. It is still difficult to be accepted to these schools as students are required to pass an admissions exam on pre-med subjects, but there a far less political motives to make the admission process tedious, frustrating and sometimes overly selective. European universities gain prestige through the success of their students and little weight is given to competitive admissions as a factor of prestige.

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