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Many prestigious universities in Europe offer medical programs taught in English. Our pre-med school helps students to get accepted into these schools and we partner and officially represent many of them.


Becoming a Doctor – The Advantages of European Medical Schools


Becoming a doctor is a dream held by many young, ambitious people. The challenges  of  becoming a physician, coupled with the difficulties that come with practicing medicine makes this motivation  even more admirable.


Admissions to European Medical Schools

Gaining admissions to medical school in the United States, however, is a very difficult, and sometimes impossible, task. Students must have excellent grades from high school to enter college, a critical and extremely expensive step on the path to becoming a physician and must earn top grades in college, along with a top MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) score, in order to gain admission to medical school. Fewer than 50% of premed students are accepted by medical schools in the US. The rest either give up their dream or seek alternative ways to achieve their dream. The latter scenario is actually the more promising one, especially in light of the fact that  fewer than 30% of high school graduates in the United States graduate college. Without a college degree, admissions into medical school is impossible.


A New Option for Medical School

What happens to those college graduates who were unable to get into medical school, and those who could not even graduate college? Do they have to give up their dream of becoming physicians? The answer is no.


American students now have a new option available to them- medical school in Europe. European universities run international, English-speaking medical faculties that attract students from around the world. These European universities are known for top quality, traditional methods of teaching, and uncompromising demands from the students, as is evident by the many students who earn extremely high scores on the USMLE (United States Medical License Exam) just before graduation.


becoming a doctor


European Medical Schools

In Europe, medical school studies are built as a 6-year program, the first two years of which are preclinical studies followed by four years of clinical studies. During preclinical studies, students are taught the basics of medical knowledge including Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Once they have completed the preclinical studies, students are allowed to work with patients in a hospital setting. From hereon in, students learn the basics of genuine medical care while gaining the knowledge needed to cure curable diseases and relieve pain and suffering for terminally ill patients. Students then eventually gain the privilege of being responsible for human life.


Premedical education and the MCAT exam are not necessary to gain admissions into medical schools in Europe. Every candidate, however, must pass an entrance exam in a medically-oriented field such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as basic Anatomy and Physiology. The exam is composed of a written, multiple choice section, and an oral section. Once a candidate passes the entrance exam, he or she is considered a medical student.


Another important advantage in Europe is the financial aspects. In this regard, Europe is a smart choice. Tuition ranges from 5000-18000USD per year while monthly living expenses range from 500-1000USD. Total annual expenses range from 10000-25000USD, considerably less than medical studies in the US.


Our Pre Med Program – Guaranteeing your Acceptance

Universities are eligible for American student loans. 'Medical Doctor International Studies' is an international premedical school with branches in Israel, Europe and a recently established branch in NYC. The school collaborates with leading universities in Europe, offering American students a 16-week-long premed course in NYC.


Dr. Moshe Cohen


The course, customized to meet the criteria of European medical faculties, has a success rate of almost 100%. Teachers of this course are highly trained, talented and provide personal focus for each candidate.Course graduates are capable of passing entrance exams issued by various European universities. The school also enables its students to take the admissions exams in NYC, eliminating the need to travel to Europe, though graduates eventually travel to Europe as admitted medical students.


If you dream of becoming a doctor, dentist or veterinarian, you don’t have to give up your dream. Medical studies in Europe is the smart choice for you, offering a cost-effective, high quality and most importantly, a direct route towards achieving the prized medical degree. 'Medical Doctor International Studies' – a premedical school for European universities allows you to take the first step in the heart of NYC.


Choose now and make your dream come true.

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