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Med Studies

New program

For the year 2023, we are offering two programs, one is for applications to the international programs (taught in English) and for the local programs (taught in the Czech language and tuition-free). The first option prepares only for the international programs. Both programs offer 20 weeks of scientific studies in English, and the rest of the hours are Czech lang lessons to reach an A1 (basic level), B2 (intermediate level), and C1 (advanced level) of the Czech language, recognized by all major institutions in the country.

Special Programme

Clinical rotations can be done at University affiliated hospitals in your own country from the fourth year.

Fast-Track method of acceptance & Specialised Preparation given by our Foundation Year!

Pre-University Training with 5 Months of scientific studies, language learning and practice with exam simulations, scientific laboratory workshops, and guided tours to the Anatomy Museum, Dissection Rooms, and more!

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Available guaranteed accommodation for all students throughout their studies.

Start your medical career this year. Your medical studies begin NOW.

Start your medical career this year. Your medical studies begin NOW.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physiology, Anatomy, Czech Language, Latin, Medical English (oral presentations), Practical Laboratory Workshops, Anatomy museum visits, and lessons.


University Tours, Full Campus Access, Student Card, Administrative help with Student Visas, Accommodation, and Registration for the admission exams.


A complete high school diploma/A levels with any passing grades*, and a good command of the English Language. *Grades from school are not taken into consideration for disqualification, and neither is the lack of scientific subjects. This means that if you haven’t achieved good grades from school or you studied a different study track that is NOT scientific, you can still train with us and apply!


Registrations are open now!

Limited places available! Enrol today!

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