Pre-Med Course Syllabus

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Pre Med Course Syllabus

Our pre med course syllabus covers all subjects found on European medical school entrance exams and in the MCAT in the US. Students receive a comprehensive education in the subjects required for medical courses of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy.


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A. Basic Terms & Concentration Units in Chemistry

B. The Periodic Table

C. Electron Configuration of the Atom – Quantum Theory

D. Chemical Bonds

E. Chemical Reactions

F. Solutions

G.  Colligative Properties of Solutions

H. Chemical Equilibrium

I. Acid Base balance

J. Thermodynamics

K. Molecularity & Rate of Chemical Reactions

L. Electrochemistry – Oxidation Reduction Reactions



A. Isomers

B. Types & Mechanisms of Organic Reactions

C. Hybrid States of Organic Compounds

D. Bonds in Organic Compounds

E. Alkanes & Alkenes

F. Alkyl Halides & Aryl Halogenides

G. Aromatic Compounds

H. Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds

I. Oxo Compounds

J. Carboxyl Group

K. Sulfur Containing Organic Compounds

L. Nitrogen Containing Organic Compounds



A. Properties of Water

B. Properties & Characteristics of Metals

C. Oxide Molecules

D. Grouped Elements – Characteristics & Typical Reactions



A. Basic Properties of Life

B. Evolution

C. Macromolecules – Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic Acids

D. Cell Structure & Basic Function

E. Cellular Membrane

F. Enzymes & Bioenergetics

G. Photosynthesis

H. The Cell Cycle

I. DNA Synthesis

J. Meiosis & Mitosis

K. Basic Genetics

L. Protein Synthesis

M. Gene Regulation

N. Genetic Diseases

O. Pathogens – Viruses, Bacteria, Parasite

P. Types of Tissues in the Human Body


Anatomy & Physiology

A. The Cardiovascular System

B. The Lymphatic System

C.  The Gastrointestinal System

D. The Excretory System

E. The Respiratory System

F. The Nervous System

G. The Immune System

H. The Endocrine System

I. The Sensory Organs

J.    The Reproductive System

K.   Embryology

L.   The Musculoskeletal System




A. Energy

B. Momentum

C. Newton’s Laws

D. Fluids

E. Linear & Angular Movement



A. Basic Terms- Current, Voltage, Resistance

B. Capacitors

C. Series & Parallel Connections

D. Magnetism



A. Radioactivity

B. Optics

C. Electromagnetic Radiation

D. Sound Waves & Ultrasound


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