Our Mission

Our premed courses are uniquely designed to maximize student comprehension and establish a solid foundation of understanding in tested subjects. Our courses focus specifically on those topics that will appear on the European entrance exams. Our professors are committed to ensuring each student is fully prepared for the entrance exams, while our dedicated staff assists students with the technical application process.

Medical Doctor International Academy was developed in 2006 by cardiologist Dr. Moshe Cohen. After years of didactic training in the medical field, Dr. Cohen sought to create a program that would encourage students to pursue their dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

Our mission is simple. We would like to provide our students with a solid foundation in medical knowledge and science that will facilitate their success on their entrance exams and enable them to study at the University of their choice.

– Read more about the differences between organized intensive pre-medical programs and 1-year foundation programs at medical universities abroad here: Foundation year Vs Intense premedical studies


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