Pre-Medical Studies Before Studying Medicine Abroad

To study medicine is a strong calling for many people who want personal fulfillment and to make a contribution to society.

Now, there are extremely high admission requirements to study the medical profession in the US, and to get accepted to the medical schools often emerges impossible. To enable fulfillment of this important mission, the solution for many studentsis to study medicine abroad.

Leading universities in Europe offer medical study programs in English. The requirements for most of the universities in Europe is a high school diploma and an exam. The exam is not easy, however with a good pre-med course, students have very high chances of acceptance. Such a course is offered here at Medical Doctor International Academy and includes physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology and in some cases first aid. This course will prepare students of studies and also living abroad.

How do you get accepted to the medical schools abroad?

The first condition for admission to study medicine abroad is of course a high school diploma.

The US high school diploma is accepted in most academic institutions abroad. There is an importance to good grades in the scientific subjects Biology, Chemistry and physics. The test includes questions on biology and chemistry, and sometimes even physics or anatomy. Another necessary condition is of course the knowledge of the English language.

To increase your chances of admission to universities abroad and prepare for the best life and studies in a foreign country, it is advisable and even necessary to sign up for the pre-medical course that is aimed at helping students pass the acceptance tests of various leading universities, integrate into the school and live a successful life abroad. It is recommended to choose a pre-med program with a professional team that includes doctors, medical students and paramedics. The language of instruction should be English, in order to strengthen the knowledge of the language in general and grow familiarity with professional terms in particular. Studies should be based on a foundation of knowledge in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics, and of course anatomy and physiology. Many applicants accepted to medical school abroad do not have a background in these subjects and will have a hard time getting through their first year. This infrastructure helps students not only to get accepted to different faculties, but also to walk through the studies of the first years of preclinical studies, which are the most challenging years, successfully and smoothly. The preparation course will get students accepted to the university of their choice as well as excellence in their studies.

Medical studies in Europe – leading universities

Europe’s top universities offer programs in English for students in medicine from around the world. You can find these programs in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and more. Each student in the pre-med course can choose the country and the university that they wish to study in. As part of the pre-med program you will get all the needed information on each country and medical school, admission requirements, subject studies, as well as information on the various countries and the way to comfortably live there through the school years. Following are a few examples of universities that offer such programs.

Medical studies in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic has about 10 million inhabitants and is a member of the EU. Its capital city is Prague, known for its beauty and cultural richness. There are many high ranked academic institutions, who are very welcoming of foreign students. Medical studies in English in the areas of general medicine and dentistry are offered at Charles (Charles University in Prague), Masaryk University (Masaryk University in Brno), University of Plzen (Pilsen University), and faculty of veterinary medicine in Brno (University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science, Brno).

Medical studies in Hungary

Hungary, whose capital is Budapest, also has about 10 million inhabitants and is a member of the EU. Medical studies in Hungary are considered particularly good and meet the highest European standards. They have relatively favorable admission and tuition. A Hungarian university degree is recognized by the European Union and in the US, and there are many American students are studying medicine here. Such programs are held at the universities of Szeged (Szeged University), Debrecen (Debrecen University), Semmelweis (Semmelweis University), Pécs (Pécs University). The programs offer general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. To get accepted there is a test that examine the knowledge of the candidates in biology, chemistry and physics and basic anatomy. Exams towards studying medicine in Hungary are held in the form of written exams. In Debrecen the admission test is conducted verbally. Added to that there is also a personal interview.

Medical studies in Romania

Romania’s population is larger and has about 20 million citizens. It is a member of the EU, its capital is Bucharest and currently there are more than forty universities, two of which operate medical faculties: University of Cluj-Napoca (Cluj Napoca University of) and Iasi University (University of Medicine & Pharmacy Iaşi), both admission and tuition are comfortable and reasonable. In addition, the cost of living in Romania is lower than its neighbors.

Medical studies in Italy

Italy is one of the centers of world as for culture and education and there are several prestigious universities that are among the best in the world. Medical studies in Italy is an opportunity to study at leading academic institutions, and enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The relatively low tuition (about 1,000 euros per year) makes it even more attractive, as well as low admission requirements. Medical studies are offered in English at the University of La Sapienza (University of Rome Sapienza) and at the University of Pavia (Pavia University in Italy). Other institutes in Italy who offer medical studies require knowledge of the Italian language. The Italian title is recognized by the European Union and USA.

Study medicine the right way

If you are looking for medical studies abroad, do not underestimate the admission criteria and bet on your future. Good preparation is essential and ensures that you will be able to study at the university and country of your choice. It will also make your first years of studies better and your way of living in the country that you have choosen more easy and fun.

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