Pursuing Your Medical Studies in Poland

Pursuing Your Medical Studies in Poland

Studying Medicine Abroad

A considerable number of medical students are looking for good schools abroad that would provide great education and will prepare them well for their medical careers. For example, many students are opting to pursue their medical studies in Poland.  Many universities in Poland offer students around the globe an opportunity to study medicine in some of their best universities such as the Medical University of Gdansk and Poznan University.

Why do students opt to study medicine abroad?

  • Places in medical schools in the US, UK, and Australia are limited.
  • Tuition fees in established schools in the US and UK are very expensive.
  • Other medical institutions around Europe have impressive facilities.
  • There are high standards of education in European medical schools.

Medical Studies in Poland: Why You Should Do It

Studying medicine in Poland is becoming increasingly attractive. Here are compelling reasons why students choose medical studies in Poland:

  1. Students will get a world-class medical degree in a university that is recognized throughout the EU.
  2. Medical institutions in Poland have cutting-edge facilities and expert staff.
  3. Classes are taught in English.
  4. Medical universities have a considerable number of international students. Its diverse student body includes students from the US, Saudi Arabia, Norway, and Sweden.
  5. The cost of a medical degree is lower in Poland versus the US and the UK.

There is a lot of interest among aspiring doctors to complete their medical degrees in medical schools in Europe. To prepare for medical studies in Poland and other medical schools in Europe, a company called Medical Doctor International Academy was established.  Its main mission is to prepare prospective medical students for European medical school entrance exams. The company also serves as a bridge between the students and the international schools, offering students from all over the globe accessible and value-for-money education so that they can get their medical degrees.