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The free sample exam is intended to serve as a basic evaluation tool for those interested in studying medicine. The questions reflect the questions that appear on European medical school admission tests and are similar to the questions found on the MCAT. The sample test is completely free and we only require that you quickly register. We will not disclose your personal info, or any other data provided by you to us, to any third party.

1. What will be the correct name of the given compound?

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2. Product formation in an endothermic reaction will be favored by:

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3. How many milliliters of 5M NaOH are required in order to neutralize 2 liters of 3M H2SO4?

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4. What is true for oxidation?

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5. Main characteristics of glucose:

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6. Which reaction results in amide formation?

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7. A type of cell called a lymphocyte makes proteins that are exported from the cell. It is possible to track the path of these proteins as they leave the cell by labelling them with radioactive isotopes. Which of the following might be the path of the proteins?

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8. Conductive system of heart:

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9. What is the function of T-lymphocytes in organism:

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10. Which of the following statements regarding insulin, a pancreatic hormone, is false:

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11. Mark the molecule that doesn’t belong to RBC:

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12. Mark the correct statement

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13. What is the final velocity of a free falling mass weighting 20kg if the falling height is 80 meters?

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14. What is the horizontal distance of a mass weighting 80kg free falling from an airplane with a linear velocity of 800km/h and a height of 12,500m?

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15. What is the radius of a circle if a 100kg mass is driving with a linear velocity of 10m/sec and the resulting centrifugal force is 50N?

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16. What is the magnitude of a force exerted on a cord by a mass of 75kg that is hanged, attached to it?

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17. What is the stopping distance of a car, driving an initial velocity of 120km/h, before the driver suddenly apply the brakes with a deceleration of 6m/sec?

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18. What is the time required for a mass of 1kg, thrown upward with initial velocity of 20m/sec, to a vertical height of 9 meters, to return back to the initial point?

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19. A mass of 10kg is sliding horizontally to the right with a velocity of 5m/sec, is colliding with a mass of 1 kg that is sliding horizontally to the left with a velocity of 5 m/sec. After the collision, both masses slide together to the right. What is their common velocity?

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20. What is the power invested by 80kg person, climbing a vertical height of 20m in 10 sec?

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