Study medicine abroad is a serious thing

So you want to be a doctor! surely a very good choice of occupation. Study medicine abroad is a serious thing and you have a long way ahead until Scholl actually starts. Truthfulthe confusion is just beginning. Even if you know which kind of doctor you want to be, you still need to make a few important decisions. Chose a specific subject, a country, a university, have the appropriate grades and skills to get you on the right path on your way to be a medical doctor, a veterinary or a dentist. You really will want to know where are you going, who to talk to, or even where do you sign up.

Assuming you have the right skills, drive, and energy for the journey first you must be looking for a medical schools in Europe. a university that will suit your needs andwant’s. Medical doctor international academy is a pre-med program that supports future students  to take the entrance exams for the Medical Schools in a few countries in Europe, like Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, and Slovakia.

Our job is to help you with the task of making the right decisions about a goodmedical schools abroad and becoming a doctor. Filling out application forms, passing the entrance exams, living arrangements tips, making a connection with other students (Studying medicine in Europe can be lonely and long if not done right). In one of our 5 branches around the world you can take a pre-med course on-line or in our class-rooms with doctors and experienced counselors.

Our Pre-med course will give you the right tools, and make sure you have the basic knowledge to pass the entrance exams for medical schools in the European country you want. We will also guide you all the way through. Be with you until you school is done.