Study Medicine in Croatia

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Study Medicine in Croatia

Croatia is located in southern Europe in a place called the Balkans. In 2011, Croatia was accepted into the European Union and became the 28th member in July 2013.

The Croatian educational system is ranked high in comparison to other countries in the world. There are currently 8 universities throughout the country with the most prestigious one being The University of Zagreb.  Located in the capital of Zagreb, the university was established in 1669 with its facilities spread throughout the city.  It is the largest university in Croatia and the oldest one operating in south-eastern Europe.

The university has been offering an English program for general medicine studies for international students since 2003. The teaching method includes small classrooms, which enable personal attention and meticulousness. For these reasons, to study medicine in Croatia is rapidly becoming a popular option for international students.



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Why study medicine in Croatia?

Croatia has been attracting students from all over the world due to the very high quality of medical schools and the relatively low costs. More than 700 students have studied and earned their medical degrees here. While you are studying and reaching your dream of becoming a doctor, you will have the benefit of staying in a very dynamic yet beautiful and  relaxed city. It is a great choice for every student`s medical career to study medicine in Croatia.

Medical Schools in Croatia: 


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