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About the university

This university is not represented by “Medical Doctor”

Study medicine in Semmelweis – Semmelweis University is located in Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Founded in 1769, the Faculty of Medicine is the oldest of the medical schools in Hungary and the largest faculty in the University. The faculty became an independent medical school in 1951. The Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy were founded in 1955.

Semmelweis University was the first Hungarian University that offered an English international program. Today there are over 4,000 students studying medicine in Semmelweis. 3,000 students study in the Faculty of Medicine, 630 in the Faculty of Dentistry, and 649 in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

About the place

The University is named after Ignác Semmelweis, who discovered the cause for puerperal fever.

International program offers

  • General Medicine: 6-year program with a degree as MUDr. – “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.) – Doctor of General Medicine
  • Dentistry: 5-year program with a degree as MDDr. – “Medicinae Dentalis Doctor” – Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Pharmacology: 5-year program with a degree as a PharmD. -Doctor of Pharmacy

Admission requirements

  • Complete secondary school education (a high-school diploma)
  • Entrance Exams: Written & Oral exams in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry & English

Tuition fees

  • General Medicine: Ranging from 18200 USD per year
  • Dentistry: Ranging from 18200 USD per year

** Prices may be updated from time to time, so it is advisable to check on the university website as well.

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