Study Medicine in Romania

Studying medicine in Romania, one of Europe’s oldest countries, offers students excellent quality of education, a rich cultural heritage, affordable tuition and living expenses, and worldwide degree recognition. Six-year general medicine programs consist of three years of preclinical studies, followed by three years of clinical studies.

The Romanian education system has undergone constant changes and renovations. Today, more than 40 public colleges and universities operate in Romania. There are two medical schools in Romania that currently offer English programs for medical studies: The University of Medicine & Pharmacy Iași & The University of Cluj Napoca.

Studying medicine in Romania is an attractive choice for many international students due to the reasonable tuition fees and living expenses in Europe.

Interested in studying medicine in Romania or other countries in Europe? Read about Medical Doctor’s pre-medicine course that guarantees your readiness for the entrance exams.


  • This university is not represented by "Medical Doctor". Today, over 3,000 students attend the various programs at the university, among which 600 are international students. The University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Iași was founded in 1879 and is one of the best medical schools in Romania. named after Grigore T. Popa, who was a [...]
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  • This university is not represented by "Medical Doctor". The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1919 and since the early 90’s has been a part of the University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca – rapidly becoming one of the leading medical schools in Romania. The university is considered to be a very prestigious [...]
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