Moscow Medical Academy

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Moscow Medical Academy



I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy was initially founded in 1758 as the medical faculty of the Imperial Moscow State University.  In 1930, the faculty received independent status and became the “First Moscow Medical Institute”.

In 1955, the institution was renamed after Ivan Mikhaylovich Sechenov, a Russian physiologist, who is considered to be the “Father of Russian Physiology”.



Medical Schools in Europe

Over 8,000 students, local and international, attend the academy every year. The academy is a very prestigious institution and is one of the leading medical schools in Russia and in Europe, and has been training international students since 1949.  Today, over 2,100 international students attend the different study programs offered in Moscow.


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International Program Offers :

  • General Medicine: 6-year program with a degree as "MUDr" - "Medicinae Universae Doctor" (M.D.) - Doctor of General Medicine

Tuition Fees:

  • General Medicine: $8,500 per year

Admission Requirements:

  • 1) Complete secondary school education (a high-school diploma)
  • 2) Entrance Exams: Written & Oral exams in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physiology & Physics
  • * Students are required to demonstrate knowledge in the Russian language or to participate in a Russian course.

Living Expenses:

  • Approximately $900 per month (The univeristy offers housing options)
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