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Veterinary Schools in Europe

The acceptance into veterinary school in many western countries proves to be extremely challenging, and even impossible, for nearly all students. The reason for this difficulty is, among other reasons, the lack of academic institutions that offer veterinary studies, coupled with the high demand for veterinary degrees. Many students who wish to study locally, are forced to waste valuable time and resources in order to improve their grades, with no guarantee that these efforts will eventually ensure their acceptance into veterinary studies.

As a result of these difficulties, in the past many students have had to give up their dream of becoming veterinarians. Today, however, there are many other options for those who see the veterinary profession as a calling: veterinary faculties, which belong to prominent medical schools in Europe, that offer study veterinary programs in English for international students. The level of instruction and training at the veterinary schools in Europe is very high, and evidence of that is the large number of “DMV- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine” graduates who go on to practice veterinary medicine around the world.

The admission requirements to veterinary schools in Europe are very reasonable and include a complete secondary school education (a high school diploma) and written and oral entrance exams. The entrance exams are aimed to test the students’ prior knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology.

Medical Doctor’s unique teaching formula was designed specifically to instill knowledge and tools do deal with these subjects, even for students who arrive at the pre-medical course with no academic background in these fields. The goal is to prepare the students for the entrance exams and to establish a steady foundation of knowledge that will enable the students to succeed in the pre-clinical years of their studies.

The pre-medical course is relevant to all European veterinary schools. Therefore, this course opens up a variety of options for the students, and enables them to choose and study at the university most suitable for them.

Veterinary schools in Europe which offer programs in English:


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