University of St Istvan in Budapest

About the university

This university is not represented by “Medical Doctor”.

The legal predecessor of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, established in 1787, was one of the first veterinary schools in Europe. Its aim is to train qualified veterinarians, who can respond to the constantly changing expectations. The faculty has always been able to fulfill this mission excellently, because teaching, research, continuing education and consultations have always been considered as an inseparable part of the Faculty’s range of activities.

Today, about 500 international students attend studies at the in surgery

About the place

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and serves as the academic, cultural and economical center of the country.

International program offers

  • Veterinary Medicine in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – a 6 year program that emphasizes the clinical aspect of veterinary studies
  • Veterinary Medicine in the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology – a 6 years program that concentrates on hygiene and ecology
  • Graduates receive the degree of “DVM- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine”, recognized by the European Union and Israel

Admission requirements

  • Complete secondary school education (a high school diploma)
  • A written entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry

Tuition fees

  • Veterinary Medicine – About €10,980 per year

*Prices are subject to change and it is advisable to double-check with the university in question.

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