University of Cluj – Napoca

About the university

This university is not represented by “Medical Doctor”.

The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine was founded in Cluj-Napoca in 1906. The Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine was established in 1962 due to the necessity of a medical-veterinary teaching system at the national level, which was able to respond to the demands of animal breeding and animal health. Since it was founded, the faculty has trained 3,200 veterinarians, 120 of them foreign.


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About the place

The city of Cluj Napoca is situated in northwestern Romania, in the Transylvania region, about 330 km north-west of the capital Bucharest. It is the second largest city in Romania and an important national center of culture, industry and education.

Tuition fees

About 5000 euros a year

*The tuition fees may be modified by the university from time to time.
Exact tuition fees can be found in the university website.

Living expenses

500 euros a month

The university offers housing options

University website


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