Dr. Moshe Cohen

Dr. Moshe Cohen is a father of four, a family man, a physician, an educator, an entrepreneur, CEO of companies around the world, and an  author.

Born in 1975 in Beer-Sheva. Raised and educated in the south of Israel. In the army, he served as a company commander in an elite unit.

In 2000 he was accepted to medical studies in Budapest, the University of Semmelweis. He graduated summa laude in 2006.

In 2007, he did internship in Belinson Hospital, graduated with honor and worked for another year at the same hospital, in the emergency room.

In 2010, he began specializing in internal medicine and cardiology, at Ichilov Hospital-TLV. Since 2013, he his working at a congestive heart failure clinic, in the south of the country.

Dr. Moshe Cohen has helped hundreds of patients to improve their life quality ,and is known for being a caring physician with a warm attitude towards his patients.

In 2006, he established ‘Medical Doctor’- A School that prepares students for medical studies in Europe. Since then, the school has prepared over 3,000 students for medical studies with great success. ‘Medical Doctor’ represents European universities around the world, has established branches in Europe, the U.S. and India. It forms and maintains extensive connections in order to help students around the world to accomplish their calling. In addition, the company is a prep center for the USMLE.

Dr. Moshe Cohen himself works extensively in order to establish agreements between European universities and hospitals abroad, in order to raise awareness of the huge contribution of medical graduates abroad, to the healthcare systems. Moreover, and out of a sense of Zionism and mission, Dr. Moshe Cohen visits overseas students annually at the universities, takes care of and assists without a financial consideration.

In 2019, he established a nonprofit organization, designed to financially support  students, seeking to realize their dream and study medicine in Europe.

In 2020, he established ‘Clever Medicine’- A clinic with futuristic vision that works to educate people to do health planning, in order to prevent diseases from happening, and to prevent existing diseases from worsening. The clinic also offers treatments that are aimed at improving the quality of his patients’ lives.

Dr. Moshe Cohen has written six books, all published over the past 20 years. Some have had a commercial success and one has even been translated into Hungarian language and published in Hungary.

Based on his books and experience, he has become a guide for thousands of people seeking to improve their decision-making ability, time and resource management, initiative and realization of personal potential.