Ai Ichimura, Japan

Medical student, Charles University

Attending ‘Medical Doctor’ premed course was one of the best choices in my life.

What made me capable for passing the entrance exams are the great teachers, structured curriculum, enough practice source, and of course friendly small class!

I would strongly recommend ‘Medical Doctor’ to those who are not confident in science but have a passion to be a doctor in future.

Mohamed, Somalia

Medical student

The “premed” course at MD International Studies in Stockholm was one of my best courses in my life and to be honest my best course about preparing me to get in into the medical program with the knowledge which the medical schools require and of course pass the entrance exam without any problems.

I therefore strongly recommend this course to all whose plan is to study medicine in English regardless of country, even if you already fulfil the requirements because I will meet there students like you, best ever teachers with different teaching skills and best methods, visual as well as auditory methods. Your teachers at MD International Studies are always ready to guide to get the best score for just your school you want to study at and they will give fresh and updated information about the medical schools abroad to take the best decision before you done the entrance exams.

I would like to thank to all my honourable teachers Dr. Samantha, Dr. Uri, Dr. Moshe as well as Dr Caspar. You see! All are doctors so you are already there and those people (teachers) have big space in my heart because of their encouragements to reach me high in my education and it is hard to find words to thank them but THANK YOU TEACHERS!

I also hope all my classmates a good future and to realise their decision of medical career. I also hope the upcoming students to have a fun, inspiring, encouraging and amazing teachers with significant and wee goal-oriented course like us!

Anna Pleet, USA

Medical student, San Raffaele University

I want to notify your team that I have been accepted to the MD program at Vita Salute-San Raffaele in Milan, Italy. I used your online course and crammed all my studying into one month (not entirely recommended, but I already have a Bachelor’s degree and some medical school completed from the United States so I had learned all the material a few times before). The course very well helped me navigate through the material in preparing for their entrance exam. So thank you, very much, for providing this course to students looking to gain acceptance to MD programs around the world.


Anna Pleet

Ólafur Tryggvi Þorsteinsson‏

Medical student, Charles 1st Faculty

I went to Medical Doctor Internation Academy because of my mediocre performance in high-school and because I had no experience with chemistry or physics. The course provided me with all the knowledge I needed to pass the entrance exams. It was up to me to pay attention, memorize the facts, and ask questions when I didn’t understand the concepts. The teachers are easy going and willing to give all the help they can provide to the students. During the course, I acquired useful skills such as scheduling my week for success, effective study method and organizing the study materials. 

When the exam days finally arrived, I felt confident and excited because I had made sure that I had studied and memorized everything the teachers thought me. I ended up passing all my three entrance exams, including the exam to Charles University. Thanks to the Medical Doctor International Academy, I feel highly confident in my ability to be an outstanding student at Charles University.

Kasper Rønning Komnæs

Medical student, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine

Your course turned out to be an incredible investment, and it will continue to be so during my medical studies in Jagiellonian University, Krakow. I’ll tell you why below if you are interested in the feedback.

First off thank you all Elisa, Samantha, Chen, Diego and Moshe

22nd of March I took the exam to “Jessenius Faculty of Medicine” in Martin, Slovakia and got the highest score of the participants.

1st of June I did the exam for “Jagiellonian University” in Krakow.

The exam was so hard, but I made it because of your course.

I am certain of this because in Stockholm I learned to think directly in English. This was the winning ticket to pass the entrance exam, because we got so much text in advanced medical English in most of the tasks, and the time pressure was enormous.

After everybody who didn’t make it was sent home, the professors were proud to say that it was hard to get in, but much harder to drop out.

70% of the students on the English course are Norwegian, and they have developed a modern mindset.

The school values feedback and criticism from the students to strive for excellence. So they have the best support team, and 95% of the students complete the medical degree. It was always my dream to go to a medical faculty like this.

Thank you all once again.

Best regards, Kasper Rønning Komnæs

Akshithaa Vellore satheesh

Medical student, Palacky

I would like to thank Medical Doctor International Academy team for their support and
assistance during the 3 months course. I got admission at Palacky University in
Czech for General Medicine. I would like to give a big special thanks to the teachers,
Samantha, Elisa and Karla. The teachers were focused, patient and kind enough in
helping me throughout the course. The course did not only prepare me for the
entrance exam but also for the upcoming years in medical school. I am glad I chose
M.D. International Academy. I highly recommend it to all the future medical students.
Thank you!!

Andra Carvalho

Medical student, Palacky

The last 6 months of my life have been a whirlwind. From feeling entirely lost and hopeless, to wanting to give up on my dream. I want to become a doctor, and last year I thought that option was completely off the table until Google presented me with Medical Doctor International Studies. I decided to enroll, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. MDIS is a great academy that helps students who are on a path to becoming doctors. 

The Pre-Medical course they offer is spread through different cities, and I say with conviction that it is worth it. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that our potential is fully brought to light, not only in academia, but as citizens of the world too. All the people I met through MDIS were one of the best people I have come across in a long time; from the staff to the friends I made. 

So thank you, MDIS. Not only did you help me improve as a person, but you helped get a little closer to achieving my dream. 

With love,

Andra Carvalho

Camilla Hazelius

Medical student, Charles 1st Faculty

I would like to express my great gratitude to Medical Doctor International Academy; Dr.

Moshe Cohen and Dr. Uri Cohen with team.

I joined Medical Doctor’s pre-medical course during spring 2018 in Stockholm since I was

aiming to get into a well-known medical school abroad followed by an international degree

and career.

I truly enjoyed every moment of the course and it provided me with extensive knowledge

within Biology, Physiology/Anatomy, Chemistry and Physics. The teachers were really

dedicated and professional. I especially want to highlight teacher Samantha FernándezBrime

that has been an amazing teacher, incredibly engaged and helpful.

During the course you get a full cover of knowledge that will help you enter the school you

are aiming for. Just study well and on a daily basis!

The course also prepares you for medical school in an extensive manner.

I applied for three different medical schools and got in to all of them, many thanks to

Medical Doctor and the great support I was given from day one and trough my exams. I also

got a valuable network of contacts from this course.

I am now following my dream and becoming a medical doctor.

I can strongly recommend this pre-medical course if you are looking into studying medicine

abroad. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you very much MD International Studies!

Best Regards,

Camilla Hazelius

Mikaela Eriksson

Medical student, LSMU

These last four months have been some of the best four months of my life and this upcoming fall I will start my medical studies at a University that I never thought I would be able to study at and this is all thanks to Dr. Cohen and his wonderful crew!

Thank you for helping me reach my dream!

Greg Rozenberg

Medical student, EUC

When I decided to study medicine, I knew it would be difficult to get into medical school. In addition, there is always a significant gap between high school and university in terms of educational level, learning approach and its methodology. My knowledge of scientific subjects was not sufficient and had to be improved. Then, I found out about M.D. International Academy and their 16 weeks program. It not only amplified my scientific skills but also developed certain autonomy, a better study method, a different way of thinking and prepared me for the upcoming years in medical school. After finishing the program, I received full support in the process of applying in the University of my choice, which was the European University of Cyprus and where I was successfully accepted. Without this program and the support received I don’t think I could have fulfilled my dream of getting into med school and to become a medical doctor. I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to study medicine in Europe.