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University of Nicosia


Study medicine in Cyprus

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Nicosia

University of Nicosia is the largest university in Cyprus. The University registered about 8,000 students, with 4,000 studying in Nicosia. University of Nicosia is not only the largest private university in Cyprus but also a global education center that 20% of his students come from other countries and represent 80 different countries in a multicultural learning environment. University studies are held in English with an emphasis on critical thinking and learning skills development. The university offers a wide range of academic programs to graduates of first and second degree. University of Nicosia is involved in European research projects.


Study medicine abroad - Medical schools in Cyprus

6-year program – Medical Degree (MD)

Degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) issued by the University of Nicosia and allows specialization in hospitals in the State of the student. Title approved by the Education Committee of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

All students who have successfully completed the first four years of the degree will receive a BSc in biochemistry. MD is recognized by the European Union and is awarded by the Government of Cyprus. Faculty composed of academics and clinicians trained in medical school and have experience in Cyprus and other countries. The team consists of the best hospitals in the country and represent a variety of medical specialties.

Graduates will be able to register with the Ministry of Health of Cyprus for specialization in one of the hospitals in the country or in other countries in the European Union. In addition, graduates will be able to continue to receive a certificate of specialization and access to lifelong learning.

4-year program –

The teaching method oriented university students and emphasizes on experience. Clinicians and communication skills to students and simulation are playing a major role in the learning process – Simulation of patients, puppets and learning advanced computer simulations. Electronic access is also an important learning tool for students have access to the internal resources of the University library set. George. The scientific basis of the medical profession is emphasized throughout the program and especially the first two years. The faculty is equipped with an operating room where new and modern anatomy is studied using imaging, specimens and computer guided learning.

The first two years of the course are taught in Cyprus and studies for two years leading hospitals such as the Hospital in Chicago and Sheba Center in Israel. Students graduate with a degree from the School of Medicine of the University of St. George’s College at the University of London. Faculty members of the University of St. George regularly visit Nicosia and overseeing the curriculum, assessments and participate in planning meetings and ensure the quality of the program.

University of Nicosia is the largest institution of higher learning in Cyprus and incorporates western education, quality standards and an international philosophy. University located in the capital of Cyprus is an international educational institution attended by students from 80 different countries in a multicultural environment that promotes friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Nicosia Medical School offers the following study programs:

A. Doctor of Medicine (MD) – a 6-year program, a title given by the University of Nicosia.

B. Postgraduate degree / master’s degree in medicine –  doctors by the University of Nicosia in collaboration with the University of St. George, London.

C. Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery of the University of St. George (MBBS) – a 4-year program for graduates of academic institutions for the British medical degree, a degree from a university recognized in all the world

* Any BA + Test or MCAT and biochemistry

* The program consists of two years in Cyprus + two years in a hospital that has a collaboration with the University

* Cost 27,000 euros

List of participating hospitals:

Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer (related article)

Nicosia General Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

Limassol General Hospital, Limassol, Cyprus

(Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA (only for American and Canadian students

Health Sciences University in Ponce, Puerto Rico

New York Medical College: Brookdale Hospital

Westchester Hospital, Miami, Florida, USA

Southampton Hospital, Long Island, New York, USA

Shriners Hospitals for Children, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center

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