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How to become a Veterinarian?

In order to practice veterinary medicine and become a veterinarian, one must complete a degree in veterinary studies. The prerequisites and basic knowledge required to become a vet are not very different than those required to become a doctor of medicine for treatment of humans. However, there are divergences between requirements in North America and Europe and between schools. Additionally, one must choose between becoming a 'Small Animal Practitioner' (such as cats and dogs), a "Large Animal Practitioner (like farm animals such as cows and horses), or a "Mixed Animal Practitioner"  who works with both small and large animals.

In the United States, students are required to complete 8 years of medical studies to achieve a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM). There are some 23 Universities in the USA that offer a DVM curriculum. 

In Europe, most Veterinary programs last 6 years while some offer shorter programs for international students who have a bachelors' degree. There are 5 world-wide accredited universities in central Europe which offer degrees taught in English such as Italy and Hungary.

To become a vet you should excel in the sciences and in your studies, already in high school. There are several options to study veterinary studies while the best option for many may very well be to study in Europe as the level of education is just as high as it is in the US and Canada yet the studies are considerably cheaper and shorter.

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How to become a Veterinarian?


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